Top 5 Breakout Stars for 2016-17

Continuing our top 5 lists is this one on the top 5 breakout stars for the upcoming season.  These are not the top 5 overall players in the league, they are just my pick for the five players that will breakout in 2016-17 and truly make a name for themselves in this league.  Feel free to comment if you have any other choices that you think deserved to make this list!

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1. Mike Hinely – TU

Let me start by saying this guy is for sure an All-American candidate for next year.  He was part of the stellar rookie class that TU reeled in back in 2014-15, and is now a clear leader on the Tigers’ roster.

Hinely has a very impressive arm, I think the league knows that by now.  What impressed me this past year was his instincts and strategy as a dodgeball player.  Hinely was a big reason why TU had such a strong spring, and he helped them both as a power arm and as an organized efficient player.  If he plays to his potential in 2016-17, Hinely will be a household name in collegiate dodgeball.


2. Aaron Krafft – GVSU

I have to give the second spot on this list to my former teammate.  Krafft came in at #4 on the NCDA All-Rookie Team, but that is only the start for him.  Don’t be surprised when he also make the All-American Team next season as one of the most important players on GVSU’s roster.

Krafft has solid arm speed, with good movement on his throw, and is a more than dependable catcher.  Of any current player in the league, I would probably choose him if my team was down to a last man standing and needed to make a comeback.


dodgeball201615955-XL3. Spencer Roth – Ohio

This may be a name not many people recognize, but get used to hearing it.  Spencer had an outstanding showing at Nationals 2016 with the Ohio Bobcats.  He has a deceptively fast throw and is not the easiest guy to eliminate either.  While Ohio struggled to get in the win column last year, Spencer was surely a bright spot.  He is a very talented player, and one that the rest of the league needs to recognize.


dodgeball201616042-XL4. Cole Kraft – Akron

I have mentioned Cole a few times in the past, but I think he becomes a more recognizable player as early as next year.  Cole made the All-Rookie Team this past season, but I think he is more valuable than just that.  Not many players of his stature are able to be so well rounded.  He is a strong catcher and a well-above average thrower.  If Akron plans to have any success in 2016-17, Cole will be a big reason why it happens.


5. David Guare – TU

David is another guy on this list that was on the All-Rookie Team.  He came on strong over the second half of the season in 2016, and I expect the momentum to carry over into the fall.  By no means am I saying he is the top guy on the Towson roster, but he makes a big impact on the court thanks to an aggressive play style.  Look for David to make a name for himself this season!12998435_10208765977054405_7806204353636532466_o

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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