Tim Ebert Memorial Dodgeball Tournament

Last Saturday, August 10, the Platteville Dodgeball Club hosted the first annual Tim Ebert Memorial Dodgeball tournament. In total, there were eight teams that competed in the round robin tournament followed by an elimination bracket.

Tim Ebert (#12) was a former dodgeball player at the University of Wisconsin Platteville. He was a great teammate, captain, and friend. The Platteville Dodgeball Club decided to form a dodgeball tournament in his name. With the help of the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association, the proceeds from this tournament will go to the Tim Ebert Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is a part of the NCDA’s internship program and the scholarship will go towards the candidate that possess the same traits that Tim had.

Tim’s Teammates

The tournament was a success and funds were raised from Tim’s family and close friends, his former teammates, and a few NCDA Alumni. It was so successful that the NCDA will be able to continue to offer a scholarship for the next few years. A grand total of $1,404 was raised from this event and this event will for sure have an impact on the league for years to come.

Here are some thoughts from those who attended the event:

Whitewater Dodgeballers– The team had a lot of fun and we are proud of how everyone played and we could see everyone on the team getting better and playing with more confidence with each match. We can’t wait for next year!

Whitewater Dodgeballers

Dammit Daves– Dammit Dave’s came to play. We had great success at the tournament with our veteran team. The tournament was awesome and a lot of fun. It was great playing with some of Tim’s old teammates along with teams that may not have known Tim. We were all able to come together and play the sport that Tim and we all love…Dodgeball!

Dammit Daves- Tournament Champions

Old Man Brandon– Everything went really fast which we liked and made the matches exciting. The team had a lot of fun and we had beautiful weather. It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday. We can’t wait for next year!

Old Man Brandon

Misfits- Only one of us on the team played with Tim but all of us were able to see the impact he had on other people. He seemed like an amazing guy who was loved by all and an amazing leader. This tournament showed the impact he had on people and it truly was amazing.


Failed to Submit Team Name- The tournament was an amazing time. It was great to see all the former teammates of Tim having fun playing with and against each other. It’s funny how playing a fun, competitive game can unite people. Our team is looking forward to playing them in the future!

Failed to Submit Team Name

Average Bros– All we have to say is that it was an incredible event. We didn’t know what to expect for our team or the tournament in general. To see all the old faces that Tim and us played with really made it an amazing day. People think dodgeball is just a sport that keeps you active and hopefully keeps that freshman 15 off but it’s more then that. We have met some of our best friends playing dodgeball and we still keep in contact with them today. We hope this event keeps building and we see more familiar faces in the future. See you all next year if our arm holds up!

Average Bros

5 Guys & a Pet- Overall, the past weekend appeared to be a success.  Many teams showed up and were all excited to play in memory of Tim.  It was great to see that so many people cared about him and his family.  Although there were many newcomers, the competition was fierce and intense.  It was a great way to prepare for the upcoming season.  Everyone had a great time on Saturday and we can only expect to have many more tournaments in his name.

5 guys & a Pet

Team 12- The Ebert family would like to thank everyone for all the hard-work and for putting on a great event and we are floored by the turnout and support from everyone! And thanks for taking it easy on the newbie dodgeballers!

Team 12

Final Thoughts– I just want to first say thanks to everyone that helped set up the tournament, those that brought food, everyone that played, and everyone that came to watch. This event could not have gone as smoothly as it did without all that participated in one way or another. Everyone kept the games moving and refereed when it was needed. It meant a lot to me and I know it especially meant a lot to Tim’s family. It has been a tough year for them and I hope this event helps them knowing that Tim is still making a difference.

Finally, if you ever played with or against Tim and would like to leave a message below, I’m sure his family would appreciate it, rest easy Tim.

One thought on “Tim Ebert Memorial Dodgeball Tournament”

  1. Timmy touched the heart of of all his family but never did I realize how many other people were affected by his smile and giving heart. The turn out,the comments made and the tears shared were over whelming. Tim’s family thanks everyone who helped, donated,or participated, we will never forget the love shared. Team 12 plans on practicing all they can inorder to take 1st place next year. Rumors are spreading about a traveling trophy and even though Dammit Dave’s team will be the first team listed Team 12 wants to bring it home next year. Thank you! Hugs and kisses, see you next year ❤️

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