The Viking Cup Recap

At the Viking Cup, several teams went head to head for some quality matches to prepare for nationals. Several of the games were close and tested teams’ ability to fight and go for the win. Below are the scores for the day and captain’s thoughts on the teams in attendance.

UK vs BSU6-4UK
CSU vs WMUForfeitCSU

The following are the reviews of each of the matchups on the day.

WMU def BSU (5-3)
Peter Broe (WMU)– In the first half, WMU was able to secure 4 points to obtain a running clock in the second half. More than one of these first half points were close, but some clutch plays from WMU managed to turn them in the Broncos favor. In the second half, WMU scored a quick point to take a 5-0 lead with roughly 20 min remaining. However, that would be the last time the Broncos scored, as Ball State gathered some momentum to put up three unanswered points. Given more time, the Cardinal momentum may have overtaken WMU, but time expired before they could score any further.

2-1 on the weekend, not to bad for a very new and young squad.

UWP def BSU (7-1)
Jacob Sebranek (UWP)– This was the last game of the tournament for UWP and provided valuable learning experience and throwing for the newest members of UWP. Ball State did a good job of getting points down to 4 v 4, despite taking their only point right before the end of the match. Right when BSU started to build some momentum, UWP would make catch after catch to turn the points in our favor. Overall, I think both sides had fun playing this match.

For a young team, they impressed me. They have some talent they can build on.

SVSU def UWP (2-1)
Joshua Rick (SVSU)– Going into the weekend, we knew that we couldn’t take anyone lightly, whatsover. With Platteville being near a top 10 ranked program, we knew they were going to be a test, but I had strong faith in our team to come out with the win. There was a time where UWP was a team not a lot of people gave attention to, but that time is over. They became a well balanced team with great leaders. We were sweating at the end where it came down to the wire, with their head captain against one of our rookies, but even a one point deficit doesn’t tell how close the game was. Their captains were making great plays for their team and the team was able to follow their leaders and it was overall a great matchup.

These guys just cannot get enough of the camera.

CSU def SVSU (3-2)
Joseph Walsh (CSU)– This game for us was one that we knew was going to be a fight from the first whistle to start the game to the last second. SVSU jumped out to a strong start and took the first point rather quickly with big plays from Jake Bruce, Josh Rick, Joe Barber, and David Hart. The first half ended with a score of 1-1 as Leon Rockamore and Kristy Haas fought a battle with a Saginaw valley player for about 5 minutes. The second half is where CSU really put the teamwork together and with big plays from a bunch of the team, CSU was able to come away with 2 more points to SVSU’s 1. SVSU had some extremely good players like Jake Bruce, Josh Rick, David Hart, Joe Barber and a variety of others. It was a great time playing this team and I’m glad at the end of the day everyone can be friends.

CSU played tough, which allowed them to go 3-0 on the day.

CSU def UWP (4-3)
Erik Zander (UWP)– For this match, UWP picked up right where they left off with SVSU. They pushed CSU and got their outs in transition. They forced CSU to throw at them on the move, causing the Vikings to throw several catches. At the end of the half, UWP was up 2-1. In the second half, CSU made their adjustments to counteract Platteville’s style of play and forced them to throw at them from their baseline. It was at this point the Vikings were able to make several catches to ensure the victory. Platteville was just too tired to keep pace with CSU and it showed in that match.

SVSU def UK (5-2)
Daniel LaJeunesse (UK)– There’s not much I can say about this matchup that hasn’t already been said. This is the third time these two schools (First game went to SVSU, second to UK, and this one to SVSU). UK came into this tournament with nine players, three of which had only played in one tournament before. With the help of excellent leadership IQ from SVSU captains, Joshua Rick and Jake Bruce, they were able to identify that and use it to their advantage.

2-1 on the day, this team is making great strides this season and are getting better with every tournament.

WMU def UK (5-2)
Daniel LaJeunesse (UK)– As we all know, Western Michigan is a new team. This does not change the fact that they are a very good catching team. UK went into the day thinking we would steam roll WMU, but were very quickly knocked on our heels. We threw solo too often and Western Michigan took full advantage of that. Peter Broe has done a great job coaching these kids and turning them into a team that shouldn’t be underestimated.

UK def BSU (6-4)
Damon Huntley (BSU)– The game of BSU vs UK was a fun and interesting game, BSU started out leading. Halftime came around and UK learned how BSU started to play and adapted to it. The points always came down to close calls, a majority of them coming down to a 3vs2 or a 2v1. It was a very fun and enjoyable game. But UK ended with being the victor.

All Tournament Team– The following individuals stood out last weekend based on their performance and have made the Viking Tournament team. In no particular order here is your Viking Cup Squad:
1. Damon Huntley
2. Peter Broe
3. Hugh Pettway
4. Leon Rockamore
5. Joseph Walsh
6. Jake Bruce
7. Daniel LaJeunesse Jr.
8. Jacob Sebranek
9. Thomas Aston
10. Noah Larscheid
11. Joshua Rick
12. Tyler Kratzer

Honorable Mention– These individuals played exceptional well too and deserve recognition for their performance.
1. William Frazier
2. Daniel Skoumal
3. Bobby Lehrer
4. Chad Jakel
5. JT Warren
6. Kevin Frye

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