Standings as of 2016-03-01

Standings as of 2016-03-01:

Please note, there are no ties. There are an extensive set of tiebreakers to cover every instance. In three cases, the teams that played more matches win the tiebreaker.

Movement Standing Team Algorithm Avg W%
↑ from 2 1 GVSU 1.25 0.800
↓ from 1 2 CMU 2.25 0.762
3 MSU 3.75 0.652
4 OSU 4.75 0.929
5 JMU 4.75 1.000
6 SVSU 6.25 0.500
7 Kent 7.25 0.552
↑ from 11 8 Towson 8 0.571
9 UK 10 0.417
↓ from 8 10 PSU 10.5 0.667
↓ from 10 11 UMD 11.75 0.400
↑ from 13 12 BW 12 0.500
↓ from 12 13 UWP 12 0.500
14 Akron 14 0.286
15 WKU 14 0.375
16 BGSU 15.5 0.250
17 VCU 16 0.333
18 SU 19.25 0.000
19 DePaul 20 0.083
Initial 20 UVA 20 0.000
↓ from 20 21 Ohio 20.5 0.000
↓ from 21 22 UNL 21.25 0.000

Would you like to know more?

See how each team places in the four systems.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

6 thoughts on “Standings as of 2016-03-01”

  1. The top tier: GVSU and CMU jostle for first, GV winning out this week by placing 1st in three systems. CMU is just one point ahead in the Champ system, which is one extra overtime loss.

    The second tier: #3 MSU, #4 OSU, and #5 JMU are all within similar averages. MSU slips into this tier after the MDC showing, while OSU gets the tiebreaker to place over JMU by having played more matches, 14 to JMU’s 8.

    The third tier: SVSU leads this tier but is followed by Kent. SV’s strong 6/7th place average is just too far from the opponents of the first and second tiers. Keys to this tiers success will be to play and defeat those teams ranked higher than them. A slightly distant Towson breaks into this tier after mounting wins and games played this season.

    The fourth tier: UK, PSU, UMD, BW, and UWP have demonstrated they are middle of the road teams than can either advance or slip compared to each other. Should these teams play amongst each other, expect strong competition. 

  2. How are the keys for SV to play and beat the teams in the higher tiers, they did just that this weekend, one of those teams was at home. And they still do not move. How does MSU go 0-3 AT HOME, and still not drop even one spot?

    1. This isn’t power ranking the teams at the moment, it is ranking them based off their body of work throughout the entire season. Michigan State is 16-8 (7-8 vs. Michigan schools), while SVSU is 10-10 (2-10 vs. Michigan schools).

      No doubt, SVSU has more momentum at the moment, but Michigan State is far more entitled to a higher ranking due to their success throughout the entire season compared to SVSU. The Spartans have 2 wins each against GVSU and CMU, and 3 over SV. The Cardinals picked up their first wins of the season over MSU and CMU on Feb. 27th, and they are still winless vs. GVSU.

      One tournament can’t make up for months of under-performing. If I was to give power rankings right now, SV would certainly be above #6, and MSU below #3, but both teams are deserving of their current position in the standings when the entire season is put into consideration.

    2. I meant SVSU would have to continue defeat those teams more in order to move up past JMU and OSU. Placing over MSU would require more wins for SV and losses for MSU, but I don’t think there are enough games scheduled for this. The MDC was a “good start” for SV, gaining .25 in their ranking average since last week, but Kevin is correct. The whole season dataset has determined this list.

      MSU dropped from a #1-2 contender (3 avg) last week to a solid and established #3 (3.75 avg) this week. They were just about any win away from taking #1, but now MSU is settled into #3. Even then, the distance between MSU and OSU/JMU is hefty.

    1. As in U of M? They do not have a team, unfortunately. At least not one that has decided to get into contact with us.

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