Rule Proposal – Shot Clock Counted Up

Cross Post: Captains’ Club
Written by Lucas Salinas:

Rule Proposal: Shot Clock Officials should only count up. i.e. 1 to 15 or 1 to 10

Rationale: This makes it easy to ensure that both shot clocks are on proper cadence. When one teams shot clock counts up and the other down it is hard to tell if they have the correct count. With a consistent way of counting it is easy to tell if count is being counted correctly.

I know there is a bunch detail on the correct SOP for the officials, but I have never been part of a game where the Counter has a timepiece in their hand. I prefer the standard to be up vs. down because it will make sure the team is on the correct shot clock. (10 or 15 clock) If you’re counting down you are always going to 0 vs. going 10 or 15 depending on the situation.

Author: Felix Perrone

NCDA President

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