2017 NCDA All Star Draft Results

The draft for the 2017 NCDA All Star game, presented by SAVAGE Apparel Co, aired this evening at 8pm. In case you missed it, the video is linked here and the results are below!

Round Coach Kevin Bailey’s Team Coach Jacob Leski’s Team
1 Nick Hazergian – SVSU Michael Hinely – Towson
2 Colin O’Brien – MSU Wes Peters – MSU
3 Brian Hymel – DePaul Joe Bringuier – JMU
4 Ben Tubergen – GVSU Aaron Krafft – GVSU
5 Kyle Bruce – SVSU Doug Schilling – JMU
6 Zach Bachner – CMU Brandon Engelman – UK
7 Jeff Starr – OSU Alex Holzgen – CMU
8 Kristofer DeJesus – SU Evan Less – Kent
9 Logan Baird – Kent Kyle Dattelbaum – UNG
10 David Guare – Towson Caleb Arnold – Ohio
11 Hunter Ford – VCU Jacob Hulbert – OSU
12 Spencer Roth – Ohio Ricardo Menchaca – UK
13 Joey Stack – Akron Jeremy Shaw – UVA
14 Tyler Hamilton – DePaul Wayne Shortt – VCU
15 Tyrell Smith – BGSU Kyle Shaw – Miami
16 Matt Klembara – CSU Kenneth Russ – PSU
17 Zachary Rivera – GSU Wilson Horner – WKU
18 Justin Anderson – UMD Connor rigsby – BW
19 Nathan Stock – UMD Jeremy Oney – UWP
20 Carl Vilardo – Akron Brian Hargrove – UWP
21 Matt Bednarick – UNG Casey Jones – NSULA
22 Reid Manger – BGSU Dexter banks – WKU
23 Austin Maag – BW Casey Simon – UVA
24 Damian Pazuchanics – PSU Alan Wardeiner – CSU
25 Tom Morand – Miami Josh Joe – NSULA
26 Zachary Frangi – GSU CJ Kilpatrick – SU


Kevin’s team will be sporting these jerseys! (all jerseys have same color sleeves as the body)

Jacob’s team will be wearing these!


Once again, we would like to thank the title sponsor for the 2017 NCDA All Star game and draft, SAVAGE Apparel Co :)

Author: Felix Perrone

NCDA President

5 thoughts on “2017 NCDA All Star Draft Results”

  1. I crunched some numbers for each team and to no surprise I have already determined the winner of this “All-Star” game. Keep in mind, I use “All-Star” lightly because Kevin Bailey will not be phydicslly playing in this game and quite frankly, he is the only All–Star to ever lay a hand on a dodgeball. However, Kevin Bailey gives his team a boost in Kevin Bailey Rating which brings his team to a whopping KBR of 1.00 compared the pitiful 0.00 KBR of Jacob Leski’s team. The greatness in which Kevin Bailey radiates sent my Geiger counter reading through the roof and that is why his team has the highest KBR seen in a team since last year. We all know what this means, there is statistically no chance that team Leski wins as they are missing the key factor, our Lord and savior, Kevin Bailey. It was a nice attempt Mr. Leslie, but I’m afraid your Kevin Baileyless roster will leave you very disappointed. Better luck next year!

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