Proposal building on Match Court Numbers

Rule proposal by ‎Adam Pfeifer‎ [Akron]

I know there is a form of this proposed but I have talked to a few people and think this would be a better solution. We will call Akron team one and Baldwin Wallace team two. Akron can only bring 11 players to a tournament. Baldwin Wallace has a full roster + 2 so 17 total. Instead of Akron being four people down a whole match the rule would be as followed. First point Baldwin Wallace would still play 15. Akron would have 11. After the first point Baldwin Wallace would go down to 12 active players on the rush and have their other three players on the side line who can still get in the game if they get catches. The reason for this proposal is for two reasons. One we have had teams drop out of tournaments because they could only get 11 or 12 people. In their mind why go when you are at a huge disadvantage at the start. Two this would add to the level of competition at tournaments when teams cannot get a full roster.

Arguments for this. Teams with full rosters will still keep an advantage in these games. This will also help a lot of new programs with being able to actually play and gain solid experience. How does everyone feel about this rule?

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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