NCDA Newsletter 2013-04-16

Good people,

Thank you.

I’d say its safe to say that the trend continues, and Nationals 2013 was a fantastic ride for everyone involved. Prepare for a link barrage! 

League Bonding

While Nationals is always a spectacular team bonding experience, we had some incredible League bonding. A perfect example of this is when we tried to take a giant membership photo Sunday morning, and three or four people crowd surfed around the giant mass of student athletes, held up by rival and friendly teams alike. Next time we’ll get DePaul’s GIGANTOR up there.

From the Ladies’ Match to the All Star Game, to the two dozen Alumni that came in to Officiate and Staff, we are a proven organization. We have a wonderful small group dedication feel, and the capability to expand. Great things to come, all we have to remember is: Everybody love everybody.

Film & Commentary

With great help and coordination of Josh Raymer [WKU Alum], we captured hours of hours of video. They will uploaded over the next month to the NCDA YouTube, by Raymer and his team. So far we have the Ladies’ Match and the Alumni v the All Stars. As well as a couple videos of JMU v Northwestern State.

A note related to that: A rented camera was destroyed over the weekend, and Josh and Ali Raymer need some help in replacing it. They’ve already amounted half of the price in just 24 hours (!!!). If you can kick in, here’s a link as to how.

We also had hours and hours of commentary produced by players and alumni! With a little patience and hard work, we’ll have an awesome record of this event.

Captains’ Meeting

I’d like to thank everyone for enduring the Meeting. I know it’s always tough, but I think we still accomplished a great deal! I’ll post the minutes and issues of the meeting on the forum when I get a chance. I have to get back to some homework, freelancing, and spend much time with my lovely girlfriend. DePaul still has 9 weeks of class left!

Some things out of the Captains’ Meeting:

  • Nationals 2014 will be hosted by The Ohio State Dodgeball Syndicate, unless someone makes a bid and we have to do a vote. (Towson put in a bid for 2015)
  • League Membership Fee is $100 and will be collected by Dec 31 2013, for the purposes of incorporation of the NCDA as a non-profit governing body.
  • Some rule discussion: Likely the biggest was trap catching… we’ll get the full body up over the off-season, aiming to release the Rulebook by August 15th or so.
  • People were interested in rotating hosts for Average Joes’ Podcast, so we’ll have more and more content to listen to next year.

May Day at DePaul

While this was gone over in the Captains’ Meeting, i’d like to remind everyone that the DePaul Dodgeball Soceity is hosting the May Day Dodgeball Rally on May 25th. Its Memorial Day weekend, and should be a fantastic hat tournament/event held in the wonderful City of Chicago! Open to all Alumni/Current Players/Random friends that want to see DePaul’s brand of dodgeball.

Extra Thanks

I’d also like to thank the staff of the NCDA, as well as Zac Brown and all of his Nationals 2013 staff. It’s an honor to be able to work and help develop this organization, and I’ll be proud to call myself… President? General Coordinator? Intern? Whatever it is, I’ll do what I can to keep the League together. We have some awesome stuff planned, so as always, keep an eye out on our website. New content is released all the time!


Zigmas Maloni
General Coordinator
National Collegiate Dodgeball Association

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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  1. Will commentary be added to the vids, Troy Dixon I believe had the commentary to the ladies match?

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