NCDA 2013-2014 Season Schedule as of July 9th, 2013

While there’s a lot of tentative dates on there, try and contact a team’s captain if you’re interested in playing them or in their tournament!

Forum Schedule

Check out the schedule after the jump!


  • 9-??-13: Battle of the Brownline, at MAD (DePaul vs MAD)
  • 9-28-13: Battle for the East, at TU (all East Coast schools invited)


  • 10-19-13: Game, at JMU (open to all teams)
  • 10-??-13: OSU Round Robin, at OSU (round robin play)


  • 11-17-13: Game, at JMU (open to all teams)
  • 11-??-13: MSU Invite, at MSU (round robin or pool play)
  • 11-??-13: UMD Invite, at UMD (round robin or pool play)
  • 11-??-13: CMU Tournament, at CMU (round robin or pool play)


  • 12-7-13: VCU Round Robin, at University of Richmond (2-4 teams max)

Unscheduled in the Fall:

  • Western Regional Tournament, at MAD (open to Western teams)
  • Battle of the Valleys, at GVSU (GVSU vs SVSU)
  • GVSU Invite, at GVSU (round robin or pool play)


  • 01-11-14?: Chicago Dodgeball Open, at DePaul (round robin or pool play)
  • 01-25-14: UK Invite, at UK (round robin or pool play)


  • 02-??-14: Michigan Dodgeball Cup, at MSU (open to Michigan teams)
  • 02-??-14: Ohio Dodgeball Cup, at ??? (open to Ohio schools (and possibly others?))
  • 02-22-14: BEAST III, at JMU (round robin or pool play)


  • 03-01-14?: DePaul University Invite, at DePaul (open to non-CDO teams)
  • 03-08-14: Richmond Dodgeball Cup, at SCOR (4-8 teams)
  • 03-22-14: Game, at JMU (open to all teams)
  • 03-??-14: Battle of the Bluegrass, at UK (UK vs WKU)


  • 04-??-14: Chicago Crusades, at DePaul (DePaul vs MAD)
  • 04-12-14 to 04-13-14: Nationals 2014, at OSU (open to all teams)


  • 05-01-14: May Day Rally, at DePaul (Hat Tournament open to all teams)

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