Nationals 2018 Saturday Schedule and Predictions

This piece was written by: Adam Pfeifer (Akron)

Queue 1:

UWP v VCU- VCU will dominate this game and control the pace. They will win the match by working together. VCU 4-0. Yellow Card Potential

SVSU v Kent- This will be a back and forth game but I think Kent will win with their catching and talent from 9-12 beating SVSU’s bottom of the roster. Kent with the win over SVSU 3-2. (If Tyler doesn’t get hurt this time around) Yellow Card Probable, Red Card Potential

UCF v NSU- I think this will be a very high scoring game, with both being newer teams. UCF will win with the roster advantage but NSU will score in this game due to a few players having more game experience. The score will probably end up being 4-2 UCF with their first win.

GSU v CSU- 4-0 CSU, although both are new teams, CSU has played some veteran teams and that gives them the experience over GSU. I think the match will be a lot closer as it goes on but CSU will shut them out.

UK v DePaul- 5-0 UK, if they decide to keep playing hard the whole match. They should dominate this game.

UNG v UVA– This one could go either way. I am leaning more toward UVA. Could be an overtime match but I will give the win to UVA 3-2. Could be one of the top match’s of day one.

Queue 2:

CMU v JMU- This match on the surface will be an amazing match. I disagree. CMU will not take their foot off the gas and allow JMU to get into this match. CMU wants to keep that number 1 spot and with the rest of their Saturday being a chalk, they will play this match like it’s the last. Easy win 4-1 CMU over JMU. Yellow Card Potential, Red Card Potential

UMD v Akron- will not rule on own games.

GVSU v OSU- OSU will compete in this match and if their younger guys can continue to catch the way they did at ODC they could score a point over GVSU. I think Grand Valley plays smart and wins this match. GVSU 3-1.

BGSU v PSU- This could be a very fun match to watch. I think this will turn into a catching battle. Unfortunately for Penn state I think BGSU has more duel threat players that will be able to win the close points. This game could also go into overtime but I think BGSU 3-2. Yellow Card Potential

Miami v UNL- I think Miami will dominate this match and take the first 3 points with ease. After this I think the game will slow and Miami will close out a 4-0 win.

Towson v MSU- Again this match on the surface could be an amazing match to watch. The two large questions are: will Towson be able to win without a wall, and will MSU be able to avoid yellow cards and stay in the game? I think Towson will struggle but with one wall on this court I believe they will win half of the match using it and the other half with their great catching. Towson 4-1. Yellow Card Probable, Red Card Potential

Queue 3:

UK v Miami– This is a grudge match after their last meeting. Miami is riding high but UK will not take them lightly as I think they did the last time they met. UK is also a different team at Nationals. I think UK will win 3-1 in this match. Yellow Card Potential, Red Card Potential

SVSU v VCU- This is cocky vs calm. I really don’t know what way to lean in this match. If SVSU can overpower VCU it will be an easy match for them. The problem is, VCU is a great catching team and works well with each other. I see this being very close. Either 2-1 or 2-0 in favor of SVSU.

Kent v UCF- Kent 5-0.

UMD v NSU- UMD will be upset after their predicted first match loss and will show it in this match. I think only because UMD plays slow they will only win 4-0.

CMU v CSU- 3-0 CMU. They will not use their arms after the first point. Yellow Card Potential

GSU v UVA– GSU will show flashes in this game, but I think UVA will easily win 4-0.

Queue 4:

GVSU v Towson- This could be the match of the day, but GVSU has found a way to play without depending on a bounce back. Towson has shown they struggle without a wall. This court has two nets. I think GVSU will take the first point with ease and the second be much closer. I think Towson makes a grab at coming back in the second half but will fall 2-1 to GVSU. Yellow Card Potential

JMU v BGSU- This match is one I do feel will be the match of the day. Both of these teams are fighting for a top 4 seed on Sunday. I think these teams match up very well. They both have strong catchers, throwers, and more than anything they possess strength in the bottom of their roster. I see this match going to overtime tied 2-2, but I think BGSU has the stronger catchers that will secure them the victory. Yellow Card Probable, Red Card Potential

UNG v Akron- Will not rule on own games.

UWP v OSU- I think OSU will be upset at this point in the day. The top OSU players will lead them to a close game win 3-1 over UWP. Yellow Card Potential

DePaul v UCF- This will be a fun match to watch. DePaul will come to play but also have fun. I believe this will upset UCF as a new team and cause them to make mistakes. I see this one going to DePaul 4-1.

Kent v UK- Kent has the advantage in this game. I believe UK will make a few points interesting but Kent will use their power and make this one look a lot worse than it actually will be. The score will not tell the story. 4-0 Kent over UK.

Queue 5:

MSU v PSU- This will be an amazing match!!! I honestly see an upset for PSU over MSU. This team is full of vets on their way out the door. Ending with a win over a Michigan team on Saturday is plenty of motivation. I see them going crazy once they settle into the match and winning points out of nowhere the way they did against JMU. I see this one being in PSU’s favor 3-1 over MSU. This will be a very emotional game and I see a card making its way to the court. Yellow Card Probable, Red Card Potential

OSU v UNL- OSU will flex in this game and win 4-0 over UNL.

GVSU v Akron- Will not rule on own games.

CSU v NSU- CSU will cruise in this game and have some fun after the first half. 4-0 CSU

SVSU v UVA- SVSU will be looking to get a dominating win over their start on the day. I do think they will have their top players on the bench for the entire match so the points could be close. I still think they will win 3-0 over UVA.

CMU v GSU- 3-0 CMU. They will slow way down and just run the clock.

Queue 6:

Miami v PSU- This will be a great match that could go into overtime if Miami plays their best dodgeball. I still think Penn will win this match 3-2 in regulation or overtime.

VCU v DePaul- VCU 3-0 over DePaul. Should be a very fun match for both teams but VCU will know when to turn the game off and on to make sure they secure an easy win.

Towson v UWP- 3-0 Towson. I think UWP will be very down about their day and Towson will be looking to make up some spots in the rankings quick in this match without using too much of their arms before Sunday. Yellow Card Potential

JMU v UNG- 4-0 JMU. I don’t think UNG will play very hard in this match. This is the potential score but will probably get called early.

MSU v UNL- 5-0 MSU. I think MSU will take out their frustrations in this match.

BGSU v UMD- 4-1 BGSU. I think BGSU will easily take UMD after a long day of play.

Results by Team:

CMU 3-0

GVSU 2-0 (excluding Akron)

SVSU 2-1

Kent 3-0

Towson 2-1

JMU 1-2

BGSU 3-0

UK 2-1

UWP 0-3

MSU 1-2

UNG 0-2 (excluding Akron)

VCU 2-1

PSU 2-1

Miami 1-2

GSU 0-3

OSU 2-1

DePaul 1-2

UMD 1-1 (excluding Akron)

UNL 0-3

UVA 2-1

UCF 1-2

Akron 0-0 (excluding games)

CSU 2-1

NSU 0-3

Final Count:

4 TEAMS GO 3-0, 9 TEAMS GO 2-1, 6 TEAMS GO 1-2, 5 TEAMS GO 0-3


Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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