Nationals 2017 Hosting Bids

Following the NCDA’s voting policy, the vote will be preferential. Teams will submit their ballot by ranking each school in order of their preference and email this ballot to the League. The most preferred school will host Nationals 2017. For Nationals 2017, there are four schools placing a bid to host: JMU, VCU, and UK, BW. See after the jump for each team’s bid information. Please make any questions you have known.

Voting will run from May 1st to May 6th, or will end early if each Member Team casts a ballot by email to

Example Ballot

1. Delta
2. Marshall
3. Oakland

Member Player Representation

Member Teams are left to their own devices to determine their preferences. However, some teams in the past like to run their own mini-preferential election within the team. Some may have each officer submit a preferential ballot. Some have their entire club membership vote. Let me me know if you would like this. I can count those in our voting program and deliver your team’s preferential ballot through that process.

* Candidates are presented in a randomized order. See links for original facecool posts.

JMU – Harrisionburg, Virginia


Hello all, I’m Joe Bringuier, current captain and future President of JMU Dodgeball. I would like to announce that JMU will be placing a bid to host Nationals 2017. We think it would be cool to bring Nationals to the East Coast and think JMU is the perfect place to make that happen.


We have 5 courts and a large, 200 person classroom requested for the weekend of April 7-9. 4 courts are for competition while the 5th would be used as a team space. All game courts have hard walls behind them and nets separating playing space. There are also spectator boxes located on at least two of the courts.


There is parking located behind the facility and the lots are free on the weekend.


There are over a dozen hotels within 5 miles of JMU’s campus. JMU’s on campus food is dope and there are also many eateries surrounding campus.

If you have any other questions feel free to comment or message me.

– Joe Bringuier

VCU – Richmond, Virginia

On behalf of SAVAGE and Richmond City, VCU is putting in their bid for Nationals 2017.

Disclaimer: One thing I wanted to address first is that the bid is placed by Richmond City and not from VCU. This was a last minute idea presented to us, and we said we would be willing to at least place the bid, as to not damage any relationships, but also to have the opportunity to potentially host Nationals for years to come as well. I just don’t want teams to feel like we are trying to undercut them and present last to have a better chance at hosting Nationals or anything. Now, back to the topic at hand.


As part of our partnership with SAVAGE and Richmond Regional Tourism, they wanted to offer/promote VCU and the city of Richmond as candidates for Nationals 2017. The finer details are still being worked out, however it would appear that there are two front runner facilities for the event, the Arthur Ashe Jr. Athletic Center, and the Stuart C. Siegel Center. Unfortunately, I do not have a whole lot of information about the Arthur Ashe Center, but I can talk a lot about the Siegel Center since it is owned and operated by VCU.

vcu-02The Siegel Center is the home arena for our Men’s and Women’s basketball teams, and has the ability to expand to fit 6 full-size basketball courts with retractable curtains, perfect for Nationals. Additionally, there is an auxiliary gym available which is perfect for teams to warm up and practice on before actual competition. There is an upper level area available which will be perfect for league photos, as well as filming for all activities throughout the weekend. Still working out finer details as stated before, however we may be able to get access to temporary lockers for anyone that may need them during the event.


There is a parking deck located across from the Siegel Center, which will be open for all participating teams throughout the weekend. Also, our Sports Medicine facility is adjacent to the Siegel Center, so anyone who needs tape, medical supplies/attention, or wants fun rubber bands to stretch with before games, that would be available.


For food, Richmond has one of the highest restaurants per capita in the United States, so finding food is literally as simple as walking outside. We would be able to get catering for essentially any type of food you guys request, whether that be Jimmy John’s, Papa John’s Pizza, or any other local Richmond brands.


We have plenty of hotels around the Richmond area which are available as cheap as $50 per night, and we may be able to negotiate better deals since we are paired up with Richmond Regional Tourism. The plan will also be to get space so that all teams will be located in one area together instead of spread out throughout the city.

Seeing that a large portion of the league’s teams are located in the East Coast region, Richmond, VA would prove to be a valuable location for Nationals 2017. There are 2 brand new members entering the league this upcoming season, Virginia Tech and the University of Pittsburgh, and 3 other teams interested and considering joining this season, the University of North Georgia, Georgia Southern University, and the the University of Florida, all East Coast(ish) teams. By moving the tournament in this direction, it could prove to help expand the NCDA and spread how awesome the league is.

– Hunter Ford

**Additional Information:**

Nationals Meeting Info 5/6/16

Personal Statement:

By bringing the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association Nationals to Richmond, we are able to both have a successful and exciting tournament and provide a great and unique experience for all participants and fans.

Additionally, having the support of local businesses, and the city’s Tourism department creates opportunities to expand and promote the league.

Some of the examples and ideas shared among VCU Dodgeball, Richmond Region Tourism, and SAVAGE Apparel Co. include exposure through local and national media news outlets such as ESPN radio, ESPN3 and connections with local businesses for sponsorship and support.  We could have entertainment outlets at several local music venues with potential discounts for NCDA participants, create a Dodgeball appreciation night at a Flying Squirrels baseball game (Single-A team to the San Francisco Giants), and offer up a flourishing craft beer scene that Richmond boasts – recent home to the eastern operations of Stone Brewing Co.

As an immediate benefit and example of local business support for Dodgeball in Richmond, SAVAGE offers to give each team a “Captain’s Bag”, a gift bag for each team captain and to create a sponsorship credit program for event t-shirts and jerseys.  They will again support the NCDA Nationals and commit to creating awesome designs, upon request, for event apparel.

The connectivity of Richmond Region Tourism and SAVAGE within the Richmond community adds great strength to an already complete bid, and we hope that the support that we can provide encourages you to choose Richmond as your next NCDA championship destination.

Some additional things to consider:

  • Dining in Richmond (culinary):
  • Craft Beer:
  • Local’s perspective on the great things to do on Richmond (Our newest video):
  • Richmond earns #3 ranking of “Best Places to Travel in 2016” – Travel + Leisure
  • “Why Richmond Is the City to Visit Right Now” – Conde Nast Traveler
  • Richmond takes top spot of “The 10 most popular American cities to visit this summer” – American Express Travel
    • (Other destinations on this list include: Houston, Pensacola, New Orleans, Austin, Milwaukee, San Juan, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Chicago)
  • “Top Destinations for 2014” – Frommer’s
    • (Other destinations on this list include: Big Island, Hawaii; Riviera Nayarit, Mexico; Bali, Indonesia; India; Berlin, Germany; Taiwan; Rio de Janeiro; Sarajevo; Umea, Sweden; Liverpool, England; Scotland; Ciudad Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Palm Springs, CA)
  • “Best River Town in America” – Outside magazine
  • Best Street Art in the World – Buzzfeed
  • “Where to Travel for Food in 2016” – National Geographic Travel
  • “The Southern Food Destination You Need to Know About” – Conde Nast Traveler
  • 3rd  Most Tattooed City in the Country –
  • Hardywood Park Craft Brewery named “The Best Craft Brewery in Virginia” – Thrillist (Sept. 2015)
  • Legend Brewing Co. named one of “The Best Urban Breweries and Brewpubs” – Travel + Leisure (Sept. 2015)
  • #1 “Great American Beer Bar” 3 years in a row- Mekong Restaurant! –
  • One of “10 New U.S. Breweries to Watch, from D.C. to California- Strangeways Brewery”– Bon Appetit

UK – Lexington, Kentucky


Just to provide a little bit of information about UK putting a bid in for Nationals. I ran the last Nationals at UK several (4) years ago and I will be assisting with this upcoming Nationals if it is at UK. Zachary Parise and Colin Hiatt are planning on spear heading this year as captain. Brandon Engelman will also return so we will have seven years of administrative/captain’s experience to rely upon when organizing this year.


We have reserved 8 courts for the mornings and 4 courts for the afternoons the weekend of April 7th-9th. All courts have partitions or nets that we put up on the sides with brick (mats mounted right behind the basketball goal, for yahoos like me who have no brakes on fast break situations) on the base line. We will additionally have a couple of rooms set aside for the players to keep their stuff or hang out. Additionally, there is a locker room across the hall from 4 of the courts that have daily lockers (Just bring a lock) and showers. We will also have several individual platforms that are raised that we can place in the back corners of the courts for better filming angles.


There is additionally a large parking garage across the street from the facilities that is free for us to use.


Since hosting last time there has been an influx new dining options on campus, one example is a Taco Bell and a really nice buffet style dining hall that is a 4-minute walk from the courts.

We will also have a concessions stand set up like we did last time that will sell extra shirts, athletic tape, Gatorade, whole pizzas (order in advance and we can get you a large 1 topping Papa Johns for around $8 maybe $7 if we get a good deal, working on that one currently) and other items.


Like last time we had an option open for teams to play one of their 3 Saturday matches on Friday night. If there is enough interest, we will attempt to facilitate another Friday night round where teams can get one of their games knocked out early. I know that some teams like JMU, Towson, Penn St., SVSU, OSU NSULA, Kent and UK (CMU? I will have to go check my records) have done this in the past. We have not reserved the courts on Friday night yet, but we can work on that if everyone wants us to.

There is also a plethora of bars that are close to campus. UK is a large campus, there are a lot of bars to accommodate those students.

If teams get into Lexington early (Or have matches end early on Saturday), Keeneland is in session. I am sure you all knew that Kentucky is known for Basketball, Bourbon and Horse Racing. Keeneland should have races running all weekend. If you all feel lucky, want to bet on the ponies, let us know and we might be able to get you all in for free.


Hotels are plentiful and can be cheap. I believe we might be able to swing a few deals with a few places. I think last time I did some research we were finding some rooms ranging from Red Roof Inn $45-$60 on the cheap end or something like the Holiday Inn a block from campus for $115.


I have begun contacting a few of UK’s Alumni and feel confident that we would have a pretty strong showing and they would be willing to officiate. (And I might get Wes Hopkins out there to have some fun throwing at Felix.) If we think we will be short on officials, I can start instructing a handful of intramural refs (4-5) and start training them/paying them to officiate some of our home matches so that it won’t be their first time officiating. Just as a fall back.


Last time we had a shirt that had a logo of each of the participating teams on the back of the shirt with a neutral front. (Shout out to this year’s Nationals shirt for being super soft, I am wearing it right now.) We want to do something similar to last time we hosted by making it representative of all teams and not geared specifically UK themed. But we will make the shirt super soft.


It has been an issue in the past having enough balls for games later on in the tourney if not all of the teams bring enough. UK will purchase 100 pg 8.5 balls and attempt to have them fairly broken in for Nationals. This should help teams from losing too many of theirs and hopefully keep the playing field even by everyone using the same balls.


Last time we had a room set aside that had ping pong tables, pool tables and a ton of pizza and drinks for them. (We received a grant from UK so it was free.) We would like to do the same if possible.


We have tentatively spoken with someone with the PT Program about having some of their students give arm massages for players. It appears as if we might be able to have some of their students on board. I will also reach out to a few other entities that give massages to see what their availability is.


For any questions, please let me know and I will address it.

Thanks! -Zac Brown #13

BW – Berea, Ohio

BW Nationals Bid:
April 7-9, 2017 Baldwin Wallace University – Lou Higgins Rec
136 E. Bagley Rd, Berea, OH

To start things off, BW is pretty centralized among the teams of the NCDA (except for Nebraska, sorry…) and would be a great location for 2017 NCDA Nationals. That being said, here’s what BW’s got to offer:
bw-02BW has FOUR available courts to use on the weekends of either April 7-9 and April 14-16. I hear teams like to play on Friday? BW has the courts that day. Three of the courts are set up like BGSU’s courts with curtains surrounding each, the court floors are a rubber-like material (not carpet like BG’s fourth court), and an indoor track surrounds them (bleachers can be set up for spectators). On the second floor next to these MODS there is the Tressel Lounge for teams/officials/whoever to hang out in-between games, and this same lounge has a viewing window that looks down onto the mods so you can spectate from above.

bw-01Directly next to these MODS is BW’s main gym, which is generally used for Basketball and Volleyball games. The floors are hardwood and there are stands on both sides that offer great seating for spectators, especially for the finals! One wall is half-padded/half-brick, the other side has curtains to close it off from the MODS. There will be a photographer all weekend and we have the potential to live stream games on a large TV screen (ask and you shall receive). There is a large room available for the Captains Meeting. We have one locker room and two bathrooms per gender (Second bathroom is on the third floor). There are also additional bathrooms for the fourth court, BW’s main gym, that will be available all weekend. Parking is free on the weekend and there is plenty of parking around the rec to accommodate everyone.

Oh yeah, and there is also a multipurpose room next to the mods with mats on the floor and walls. Players can hangout and play kickball or duck-duck-goose like every dodgeball player should….

**There is a Hospital approximately 5 minutes from campus, just incase of some pretty gnarly head shots

Now for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars: There are 9 Hotel options within 1.6 miles of BW’s campus, prices ranging from $49/night to $164/night. Of the higher quality foods immediately next to the Hotels: Olive Garden, Damon’s, Perkins, Max & Erma’s, Brew Garden (Bar). The in-betweeners: Chipotle, Five Guys, Zoup, Jimmy Johns, Penn Station, and Bob Evans. And the lesser foods: Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, Arby’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts, etc… There are a couple Subway’s near campus as well. BW also has a Student Union on campus.
For those 21er’s (cause underage drinking is bad, M’kay?):
There are 8-10 local bars within walking distance of campus. The BW Dodgeball Team has a house on campus that y’all can party at and/or pre-game at before going to the bars. If you’ve got a knack for gambling, then we’ve got what you need! Rather, Cleveland has what you need. Downtown Cleveland is 20 minutes north of Baldwin Wallace and has a beautiful lakefront… But more importantly are the bars and clubs located outside the CASINO!!! Yeah, Cleveland has a Casino and it’s called the Horseshoe Casino. Pretty dope.

As for officials:

I don’t think this should be an issue considering the fact that there are many alumni that can help out… That being said, apparently scrounging up officials is a bit of a problem come nationals? Well, because BW is so central to the league, it would easier to attract alumni to ref at Nationals because they would not have to travel very far from home just to get yelled at by a bunch of kids playing dodgeball. I know for sure that other Ohio teams have Alumni that are able to help officiate. Besides, we have an entire year to recruit (or train?) officials for Nationals.

T-shirts are cool:

And this is where BW comes in nice and handy. BW is known for being an “Artsy” school, and we many talented students on campus who we will be working with to design the most bad ass Nationals shirts ever!!!

Some additional information:

BW will have professional massage therapists that will set up chairs on Saturday and Sunday (for those of you who attended BW’s Save the Balls charity tournament, same therapists). BW has tremendous support from local businesses that offer great deals and are willing to donate a boatload of pizza. There is also a local trophy company that has worked with the BW dodgeball team in the past and is willing to help donate and/or discount any extra trophies that the NCDA decides to purchase.

If anyone has questions, please let me know.
Danke schön!

~TJ Levitsky
Captain Mom

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