Maryland Terrapins Pre-Nationals Spotlight AND East Coast Region Thoughts

Terrapins’ Rookie Spotlight

Adam Butz #9 (Freshman)

Adam joined our team in early September and quickly became a star player.  We were struggling from taking a large hit during Covid, so getting a player like Adam was key to rebuilding our team.  Adam has clocked the fastest throw on the radar gun and has become a great leader on the team.  In December, he ran for club Treasurer and won in an uncontested election.  He is a great asset to the team, and we can’t wait to see how he progresses over the coming years.

Zach Demos #0 (Sophomore)

Zach joined our team in late September and immediately made a splash at our first tournament at Towson, making the most catches of any player on the team.  He has continued to improve his throwing and catching abilities, and we have yet to see a player he can’t catch.

Key Contributors for the Terrapins

Daniel Fernald-#33 (senior)
Connor Engel-#73 (junior)
Alec Goodman-#6 (senior)
Adam Butz-#9 (freshman)
Zach Demos-#0 (sophomore)

After Covid shut down the NCDA for a year, Maryland took a huge hit, only keeping 4 players from before.  Through the work of our upperclassmen, we were able to rebuild our team to its former glory.  Daniel, Connor, and Alec have stepped up in leading this team, working to assemble the best team we can build.  We have picked up amazing rookies including Adam and Zach, and are really excited for what our future holds for us.

Mindset for Nationals – Dan & Zach

“We are ready to surprise the league at nationals. Pretty much the whole year we have had large amounts of our team being new players or players still learning the game.  However, at nationals we should be at full strength so watch out for the Terps.” -Daniel

“Through the ups and downs we have grown and improved a lot as a team over the last few months.  Even with many first year players, myself included, we are looking forward to playing some challenging matches while putting the skills we’ve learned and developed to the test.” -Zach

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