Magnus’ Rock Fest Tournament Preview

The following was written by Cleveland State’s Joseph Walsh:

Magnus’ Rock Fest will be held at Cleveland State University on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

University of Cincinnati

For me personally, I have never witnessed this team play and from what I know, the CSU tournament will be the second tournament for this team. I am hoping that Wesley Peters has brought together some great guys to make a strong team and hopeful future contenders in the NCDA. This team plays CSU, Akron, and Kent this weekend, which will be a good test for this team to see what they are working with. They have a tough weekend ahead of them and this will hopefully be a good showing for them going forward in the NCDA.

West Virginia University

This team last semester finished strong, especially with the comeback win over CSU which was extraordinary. Their captain Cory Nasiadka has helped grow this team into a contender and is going to continue to keep pushing this team to become better and better. The first tournament for them this past weekend was rough, but I have a feeling they are coming back this weekend with some vengeance and a point to prove. WVU grew a lot from the beginning of last semester to the end of it. They have a lot to prove and a lot to offer. WVU will be playing SVSU, Kent, and Akron which are three tough teams. They may have the hardest set of games in my opinion this weekend. This should be a good stepping stone for this team to show what they are made of.

Cleveland State University

For Cleveland State, the end of last semester was a rough patch from the start of last semester. Casey Brown, Gregory Koenig, and Joseph Walsh are leading this team after the upsetting loss of Ron Moner. There are some great rookies on this team along with some other returners like Joseph Kline, Rece Emplit, and Leon Rockamore. The showing at Akron’s Pinkout was a strong effort by this team to show what they are made of, and I feel put them on the radar to be an up and coming team in the following years. This team still has a lot of work to do and a lot of room to grow. CSU plays UC, Akron, and SVSU this weekend. CSU is looking forward to playing UC, a new team in the NCDA. CSU vs. Akron will hopefully be one of the best games of the day. CSU is hunting for a redemption win over Akron after being defeated with :17 seconds left in the game. Also going against SVSU will be a real treat for the rookies on this team to see the competition they will be playing in later years.

Kent State University

For Kent, this weekend they will get a chance to keep growing as a team and play some teams which are new to them in WVU and UC. Kent State has been a strong team in the NCDA and the Ohio Region especially keeping up with the highest teams in the NCDA. They have been able to keep increasing under the leadership of Parker Morris along with other players such as Tyler Miracle, Tyler Paalman, and Easton Figueroa as just some of the people who make this team great. They are an extremely strong team and the game against SVSU this weekend will truly be a showing of that. I think that this game of Kent vs. SVSU is going to more than likely be the game of the tournament to watch with two extremely tough teams going head to head in this matchup. This game is going to be a truly great game to watch. Kent State should pull out all the stops for this one.

Akron University

This weekend for Akron should be a relatively fun tournament for them. Based upon request of Colby, they will have the opportunity to play UC. They also will be playing WVU and CSU. Having just played WVU last weekend with the game being called early they, will be looking for that same result this weekend. Even though Colby has retracted his statements of CSU being pushovers they are still definitely looking for the opportunity to finally beat CSU on their own home court. Akron is looking for the victory in this matchup to show they still have CSU’s number on the court. That game will probably be one to look out for this weekend. Akron is a strong team having some really good players like Colby Briceland, Adam Pfeifer, Joey Stack, Joe Scott, and Tommy Masteller along with some other outstanding guys. They are looking to continue to move up the ranks in the NCDA.

Saginaw Valley State University

SVSU is looking at an entertaining weekend. They are matched up against WVU, CSU, and Kent. These teams are some new competition in which this team has not faced this year. So they are looking at a weekend of teams they have no true idea of how they play or what to expect. For SVSU, they will have a true testament of strategy and precision playing Kent State. Both teams are in for a dog fight and have something to gain from playing each other. Kenny Mize is excited for this weekend and with Kenny as captain this team has been a menace to be dealt with for many years. Hopefully they can continue their reign of terror over teams this weekend.

Tournament schedule:

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Author: Kevin Bailey

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