Falcon’s Ladies Invitational

We are very excited that in one month, on Saturday, January 28 2023, Bowling Green State University will be hosting the first ever Women’s Only College Dodgeball tournament featuring the new women’s no-sting division ruleset. Modeled after the USAD rules with a little NCDA flare (yes, there will be soft boundaries), we are ready to get the women of the NCDA the attention and gameplay they deserve.

In the morning, we are hosting a mini skills seminar with current USAD and NCDA Alumni coming in to help teach catching, throwing (pinch grip and no-sting), and blocking skills. We are hoping this will help teach the current players how to transition from throwing a no-sting to a pinched ball without issue or injury.

As of now, we have a total of 18 women from 7 different schools signed up, with the hope of more to sign up in the remaining weeks. The plan is to have teams of four play round robin matches prior to heading into a double elimination bracket play. We are choosing to do teams of four in order to give teams the opportunity to play more games against more teams, as most schools only have one to three women currently playing. The goal is to eventually build up the women’s division to field teams of six with subs.

In more exciting news, we also are going to have a pinch division to allow the women valuable play time that they can use to show the boys what they’re missing. We will do a random draw day of to split the teams evenly and play a traditional NCDA pinch match or two if they are feeling up to it.

We are working on getting at least one court live streamed, if not both! We will have more info on this closer to the tournament date.

There is going to be a fundraiser in conjunction with the tournament. We will be having a jersey raffle with team jerseys that are being donated from various schools and other programs. The money is going towards buying better ladies match shirts/ jerseys during Nationals.

To register for the event, fill out the form below. Registration closes on January 25th at 11:59p.m. Eastern Time.

Falcon’s Ladies Registration

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