Event at CMU

Central Michigan is hosting an event with two other Michigan visitors. Let’s see how they stack up. 

High Seed Low Seed Rating Rating Predicted Exchange Exchange if Upset
MSU SVSU 52.592 49.274 0.668 1.332
CMU MSU 61.326 53.260 0.193 1.807
CMU SVSU 61.519 48.606 0.010 2.000

CMU at home is a super formidable force. Central has risen in the Gonzalez rankings, closing on the stalwart #1 for many moons, GVSU. We won’t see that matchup on Sunday… if we would, CMU would be favored 61.326 to 58.381 with a .706 Predicted Exchange. On neutral ground and at this point in the season, it’d be an even match. But come Sunday, competitors SVSU and MSU will have to face a home team with a daunting Gonzalez ranking.

SVSU and MSU are obviously no slouches in comparison to the rest of the League. The first match of the day favors MSU, and is the closest match of the three. SVSU defeating MSU would rank 57th of a total of 133 upset exchanges in the Gonzalez records, enough to be significant.

CMU’s high ranking will reward MSU or SVSU should either pull an upset on CMU, but it will be an extreme challenge. If SVSU were to win, they will have pulled off the biggest upset ever (according to the exchanges).

A potential upset of MSU over CMU would rank eighth of all time. That’s significant in its own right, but let’s remember that this year’s MSU team has pulled the top two upsets of all time. MSU was able to defeat and upset GVSU two times in the start of the season, including once on GVSU’s home court.

The weight and focus will be on Michigan State. They’ll have to hold off a Saginaw looking to gain major points at their expense… and if State wants to make waves this weekend, they’ll have bring the fight against a superior CMU home team.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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