CMU Dodgetober Fest Exchanges

A quick preview here:

CMU at home is a given a hefty¬†boost, but is not out of range for MSU. If we take away this home court advantage, both teams are neck and neck. An MSU / SVSU match on neutral court isn’t out of reach for a SV upset. Pretty close, only about 5 points difference in ratings.

Good points can be gained for SV by upsetting either competitor. I’ve mentioned it before but it remains true with each new match: out of any team in Michigan, SV gains the most from winning.

High Seed Low Seed Rating Rating Predicted Exchange Exchange if Upset
CMU MSU 52.484 49.308 0.682 1.318
CMU SVSU 53.167 43.968 0.080 1.920
MSU SVSU 48.625 43.888 0.526 1.474

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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