2012 Battle of the Valleys

SAGINAW – Ryder: SVSU def GVSU 2-1 in the Battle of the Valleys.

Also, in the Battle of the Valleys JV, GVSU JV def SVSU JV 3-1. Remember to post up your JV scores as well! We have no problem including them in the offical records. 

Point Duration – Point Victor – Game Score

P1 12:55 – SVSU, 1-0 SVSU
P2 12:05 – Unresolved, 1-0 SVSU
P3 15:12 – SVSU, 2-0 SVSU
P4 6:12 – GVSU, 2-1 SVSU
P5 3:36 – Unresolved, SVSU 2-1 Final

Mark Trippiedi, GVSU Captain reports:

Another chapter was written in the ever going Battle of the Valleys rivalry between Grand Valley State University and hosts Saginaw Valley State University. In a game that was as heated and competitive as all the other matchups, SVSU came out on top with a 2-1 victory over the Lakers.

The Cardinals came out hot in the first point as they always do against GVSU with big kills early from Spencer Jardine getting their home crowd into the game right off the bat. The Cardinals fed off the energy from the home crowd to take the 1st point in convincing fashion, while taking almost 13 minutes off the clock in the first half.

The second point of the game was a different story at the start as GVSU was the team to start hot, immediately taking a player advantage on SVSU. With about 3 minutes to go until halftime the Cardinals found themselves with only two players left on the court in captains Max Siler and Torrie Peplinski. Siler was eliminated on a team throw by the Lakers. After a few trips up and down the court GVSU put a team throw on Peplinski that eliminated him from the game but not before he had caught one of the throws, which brought back Jordan Elliot, who quickly preceded to get a catch of his own before being hit. The lone Cardinal standing with about 1 minute remaining was Andy Miller, who was able to avoid Laker throws until he made and incredible clutch catch with 30 seconds on the clock, as SVSU was able to once again fend of a GVSU team from tying up the game before half. That was a huge moment in the game because it just provided more momentum to the Cardinals, and the display only pumped more energy into the crowd.

The first point out of halftime took the Cardinals 15 minutes to finish but 5 remaining Cardinals were able to eliminate GVSU’s Zach Ellsworth after he survived about 5 minutes alone after avoiding team throws and making a couple catches. With the Cardinals up 2-0 with 9 minutes remaining in the game GVSU got desperate and with some fast paced play took a point from SVSU in just over 6 minutes on the clock. It proved to be too little too late as SVSU was able to hold out for the final 3 and a half minutes and send the Lakers back to Allendale with a Loss. SVSU defeated GVSU for the second time in the Battle of the Valleys game, and for the 4th time overall. The two teams look to face off once again at the Michigan Dodgeball Cup in East Lansing, sometime in Febuary.

-Mark Trippiedi, GVSU Captain

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