AJP Special: Alumni Podcast Nationals 2013

The Aluminati host another edition of Average Joes’ Podcast!

The NCDA alumni sign off for the season with a full recap of Nationals 2013: favorite moments, big surprises, overachieving teams, injuries and breaking down the All-Nationals teams. The alumni will be back over the summer with an episode focused on recruiting and fundraising. Thanks for listening!


Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

7 thoughts on “AJP Special: Alumni Podcast Nationals 2013”

  1. The 4 minutes about talking crap about SVSU is ridiculous. First off you volunteered to ref! You should know what you’re getting into and if you make a bad call admit it or stand by your call if you think it was right. I reffed all levels of basketball from intramural to high school. I didn’t make that much doing it and I got shouted at every second. Intramural and club were easily the worst.

    Also you act like bringing a ton of fans to nationals would be a bad thing if that was even the case. Oh god exposure for dodgeball. Sounds horrific. I think it’s horrific that the kent state girl pretty much admits she wanted SVSU to lose and for the game to be over. That should be the leagues main concern. Refs like that.

    You volunteered for one of the hardest jobs you can ask for. Next time assume you’ll get yelled at because it happens everywhere. It isn’t just SVSU.

    I stopped listening to the podcast after that and will advise everyone I know never to listen to it again.

    Jason Stein – the most hated man in dodgeball. Bring on the comments bc I know what this post is getting me into and I can take it haha

  2. To clarify something, SVSU only had 4 or 5 actual “Fans” come to Nationals in Kentucky. The rest were actual team members who contribute a lot to the team, and worked hard to pay for a charter bus to nationals so we didn’t have to put more wear and tear on our cars. Yes we do get heated during matches and argue with refs, especially when some terrible calls are made that shouldn’t have been called, but as for off the court I believe we have some great relationships with other teams. Obviously there is a “Most Hated NCDA Dodgeball Team” and SVSU is that team, but I think that people should really get to know us off the court because we are full of the most passionate and lovable people you will ever meet. And as you saw after our loss to MSU, we were very upset because that was the last game all of our seniors ever played at a National level, it was very difficult to see the heart break after all of our hard work throughout the season.

  3. I just want to make one thing very clear. I am a fan of SVSU Dodgeball along with a lot of other people in this league. The passion their team shows for the game and the comradery they show is amazing. Obviously things are going to be said from both parties that everyone isn’t going to agree with and tempers are going to flare. I love every last of one you on the SVSU team and keep up the good work. There is a reason you all have been around so long and as good as you are.

  4. I just want to say that I appreciate Michael McCarthy for giving us some love and credit. I have been to 4 of the last 6 national tournaments and I can say that SVSU has some pretty great relationships with other teams. WE have since the beginning. It saddens me that we are being discouraged from bringing our entire team/some fans to the tournament. This helps expand the league and create some interest. The fans make the league what it has become today.
    It is also discouraging to me that we are being talked bad about because we disagreed with some calls made by a ref. Being around just as long as ms. Ellison, I can say that I know better than to volunteer to ref. It is a tough job, especially with men screaming in your face all day. However, you should still be able to make some good calls and not get all flustered. Also, the reason the team was so upset was because we felt our refs were too distracted by other games (OSU and KY) and I believe Kent State was playing at the same time. This is the biggest tourney of the year and we felt that we were not given the concentration we deserved.
    All in all, I had a great weekend. I traveled 8 hours there and back as an alumni and it was an experience for the books. I really hope the SVSU team can raise some money to help North Texas and Louisiana get in another tourney before nationals.

    Oh, and I will have you all know that it was the “bad blood” SVSU players that went to the captains of both GV and MSU and wished them luck in their next games and told them to bring the cup back to Michigan. We were sad we lost, yes, but we were happy to know that Michigan was being represented in the finals by such great teams as MSU and GVSU.

    I have and always will love dodgeball. Let us keep it fun, and keep it real.

    -Cortnie Thompson
    Alumni, SVSU

  5. Realize there is more then 1 ref every game and this is to balance if you feel that 1 of those refs May or may not be against you.
    Those that have played against me know I do not like playing against stall ball, how ever in the turnament I held nothing against any team reguardless of their playstyle as it os a legit stragity. I also challange any player there to say I wasn’t fair. From my opinion what I saw was all the refs trying to do their best in this reguard.
    The other thing people have to remeber is we are human and we do miss a few things, but at the same time, others miss things as well that we do catch. When 2 of the 3 refs see something and concure on its the same way the other said, that pretty much should end the debate of the call.x
    I have no hate for any team in this when I’m not on the coirt against them, as should every other ref. On the flip side players should always exspect a few calls to not go in their favor from any refs, hired or volenteered. But before you start saying the alumni refs are bad or biased… remember you could have refs that have no idea what they are calling. Xp
    Also as for stein, I don’t think everyone hates you. Maybe some old farts with grudges. (Which yes i am now part of that group to ) Xp
    But not the league as a whole.

    Take everything with a grain of salt and come back swinging in the alumni game.
    Good luck to all the teams and alumni left playing.

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