2022 Women’s All-American Team

The 2022 NCDA season was always going to be one with a lot of mystery heading into the year. With a significant hiatus away from the court, questions about which teams and players would step up and push their way to the top remained at large until finally everything came together with a fantastic showing at this year’s Nationals. Since 2017, the NCDA has honored the female competitors who have dedicated time and effort to their craft. These women erased all the doubt, the mystery, and questions through their excellent play and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt they were some of the best athletes college dodgeball had to offer. This list recognizes both the athletic achievements and amazing leadership these women have brought to their respective clubs.

– Hunter Ford, NCDA President

MVP – Anna Moellenbeck (Miami)

Nationals 2022 Miami vs. Kentucky. PC: Max Vincent

We were super excited to see Anna as MVP for the NCDA’s Women’s All-American team. She worked her butt off to keep this program running after our roster took a heavy hit following COVID. Over the course of the year, she fostered a positive environment for this team, encouraging the rookies to grow in skill and step into their own roles on this team. As a player, she has proven her skill numerous times. Anna is most known for her insane ability to catch. She joined dodgeball her freshman year, during a period when Miami had a roster full of strong throwers. To make her way onto that roster, Anna learned to hold her own against strong arms, and her drop catches have changed the momentum of countless games over the years. Though most notable, her catching abilities are not the only reason she has earned the title of MVP. Anna is always found up at the front of the line, directing throwers and blocking for her teammates. She has strong aim in her throws, and this capability has allowed her to make solid kills and crucial reset throws. We’re going to miss her like crazy next year, and we are super proud of all that she as accomplished!

– Elly Schipfer, Miami Captain

#2 – Elly Schipfer (Miami)

Nationals 2022 Ladies’ Match. PC: Max Vincent

It’s no surprise to anyone to see our VP all the way up on this list. Every team needs a player like Elly Schipfer. On the court she is always looking for any opportunity to catch a throw. It normally doesn’t matter if you intend to throw at her or not: she’ll be there to catch you. If you go up against Elly, even if you’re the best dodgeball thrower in the universe, she’ll catch you out. Elly also knows this game inside and out and she’s done a fantastic job of transferring that knowledge to our new team in game huddles and during practices. She brings such an immense amount of fun and joy to the game and to our team. Miami dodgeball wouldn’t be Miami dodgeball without Elly – she’s a crucial member of our team and has put so much time and energy to bring us back after COVID. She leads our team with confidence and patience. We look up to her as a leader, teammate, and friend. I couldn’t be more proud of her, and I can’t wait to see Miami’s progress with Elly at the helm next year.

– Anna Moellenbeck, Miami Captain

#3 – Kathryn Mays (Ohio state)

Miami’s ODC 2020. PC: Felix Perrone

Following her 2020 MVP season, Kathryn Mays lands at number 3 on the Women’s All-American list after graduating from The Ohio State University in the fall. Kathryn has one of the greatest dodgeball brains in the NCDA. Her timely pump fakes, court awareness, and survivability tactics are unmatched by many players throughout the league. Pairing her high IQ with keen throwing ability and clutch catches makes her a dangerous weapon on any team’s roster. Kathryn loves to prove wrong anyone who doubts her ability and thrives when given the chance to do so. She is a prime example of why you should never underestimate the power women have in this league. Kathryn also serves as a beacon for women involvement throughout the NCDA. The effort she has put forth into growing the Ohio State program, and her continuous dedication to content in the NCDA will not go unnoticed in years to come. We wish her the best in her future involvement with the league and in USA Dodgeball. Thank you, Kathryn.

– Dylan Greer, OSU Captain

#4 – bryce bathras (maryland)

Nationals 2022 Ladies’ Match. PC: Max Vincent

Bryce Bathras has been a critical part of the Maryland team this year. As a senior, Bryce has been a great leader for our team on and off the court. After UMD lost a lot of players during COVID, Bryce was a key player in rebuilding this team, and bringing another female player, Cecilia Swarthout, onto the roster. On the court, she has become someone we can count on to make multiple catches against each opponent, and she has developed into a consistent thrower. She commonly finds herself being the last one on the court, and she will attack each team throw directed at her looking for a catch. Soon to graduate, Bryce will be truly missed from this team.

– Connor Engel, UMD Captain

#5 – alexis schultz (akron)

Akron’s WAR V 2022. PC: Kathryn Mays

It’s no surprise Alexis ended up on the All-American list, since she’s a key anchor to the Akron Zips’ offense. Alexis came into her own as a thrower this season in such a short amount of time. Her timely counters and reset throws helped the Zips avoid many balls over calls over this season. Her well placed throws were also integral to the team throws that Akron put together when they had ball control. Alexis was able to survive several minutes to avoid dropping a point before half during a few occasions this season and that is no easy feat. Lastly, her strong catching capability brought the Zips back in when all seemed lost numerous times throughout the year. Look for Alexis to join the all-time female greats of this league.

– Colby Briceland, Akron Coach

#6 – sky thornsberry (cleveland state)

Akron’s WAR V 2022. PC: Kathryn Mays

Sky really established herself as a presence on the court this year through a combination of catching and well timed throws. She is indispensable with her ability to consistently waste from across the entire court without being caught. She can use the very same throw to get in some nice crosses as well. The way she originally made some waves on the team was by learning to catch even the strongest arms in the league and proving she could do it in tournaments. Sky has also been working on her counters so expect her to be a very well-rounded and consistent player in the coming years.

– Kyle Weismore, CSU Captain

#7 – skye marvin (kentucky)

Nationals 2022 Kentucky vs. Miami. PC: Max Vincent

After her first day of practice with UK Dodgeball, we knew that Skye Marvin was going to make a difference on our team. She had a fire inside of her to compete, and a drive to win. She has a powerful voice and has become a crucial part of this team. Marvin is tough as nails and has shown it time and time again throughout her career. She has faced multiple player-down situations and never backed down from a team throw. Skye is also one of the most supportive teammates on the court and will correct your mistakes and turn you into a better player. She has developed over the past 3 years into an amazing all-around player and teammate and will be an important asset to this team in the 2022-2023 season.

– Justin Conti, UK Captain

#8 – robyn macdonald (nebraska)

UNL Practice 2021.

Robyn was our President until she graduated after the fall 2021 semester, and she was one of the best communicators for our team. Her leadership over the past two seasons molded UNL dodgeball into what everyone saw at Nationals. When she joined the club in February of 2019, we had an average practice attendance in the single digits. The way she carried herself and expected the team to carry itself boosted everyone’s ability to play. Not only was she a great leader – her dodgeball IQ was off the charts, and she was one of the best strategists I have seen on a court in any sport. She knew exactly when to call out team throws and when to call people back in transition. She also boasted a strong arm and was a great catcher. Robyn was one of the most well-rounded players we have had on our team; in games and practice this led to her always being one of the last people out. She had the most accurate arm on our team, and I really cannot say enough about the amazing player she was. Unfortunately she never got to play at Nationals, but she would have surprised everyone and taken this team even farther than we did without her.

– Dustin Sprunk, UNL Captain

#9 – carolyn curley (nebraska)

Nationals 2022 Ladies’ Match. PC: Max Vincent

Carolyn is our current Vice President, and when I said Robyn was one of the best communicators on our team, Carolyn is our best communicator. We rely on her to call sides and keep everyone calm and in the game – whether that means we are going at each other’s throats in practice or beating ourselves up for a mistake. Carolyn is always there to make sure everything is going smoothly and everyone is focused throughout. Now onto her phenomenal dodgeball skills, Carolyn can catch anything you throw at her; she can and will catch anything that enters her LAZ. Carolyn, in her third year on the team, has watched this team grow from a struggling group to a tight-knit team able to make some noise at Nationals. Carolyn has been a big part of the success of this club and kept the club held together during the COVID off year. Without her communication skills and ability to catch the entire team back in, UNL dodgeball would not be anywhere close to where it is today. She deserves to be on this list for the second time, and we look for her to be higher on it next season.

– Dustin Sprunk, UNL Captain

#10 – ava boley (michigan state)

Nationals 2022 Ladies’ Match. PC: Max Vincent

Ava Boley may be a spring recruit for the Spartans, but she has already begun to turn some heads. What jumps off the paper for Ava is her catching ability, which has been prevalent since her first time on the court. She has been a great defensive asset and is always trying to create plays for the Spartans. Her throw can catch you off guard when you don’t pay attention to her court placement or if you leave yourself open in transition. Ava has an extremely high ceiling as she develops her dodgeball game, and it shows as she’s already working her way up a very talented MSU roster.

– Rebecca Shappell, MSU Coach

#11 – reni kaiser (bowling green state)

Nationals 2022 Ladies’ Match. PC: Max Vincent

Reni is a part of the amazing rookie class for BGSU this year, and she is exactly that, amazing. No matter who was throwing at her or who was across the court, she never backs down from a challenge. Seeing her not only in practice, but in tournaments take a few catches from some all region players is nothing short of exhilarating. She is a leader, vocal, and tough. Reni is going to be an essential piece to this BG squad in the future and is someone that every young woman that wants to play dodgeball should look up to. She doesn’t take crap from anyone, and if you best her in a situation she’s not going to be mad, she’s going to say “nice shot” but she’s going to get you the next time around. I am so happy with the player that Reni Kaiser has become, and I cannot wait for next year when she is at the top of this list. She’s definitely a name the whole league is going to remember next year and for years to come.

– Gabe Carrington, BGSU Captain

#12 – nicole cutich (akron)

Akron’s WAR V 2022. PC: Kathryn Mays

From lacrosse to dodgeball, Nicole can do it all. Her strong arm and timely resets and counters were a key aspect of her game this season. What she lacked in experience, she more than made up for in raw talent and athletic ability. She came into her own as a thrower, and really started getting her catching down pat. Nicole is a great glue piece for this Zips roster, and I expect to see her standing up on the Akron throw line a ton next season.

– Colby Briceland, Akron Coach

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