2022 College Dodgeball 2nd Team All-Americans

1) Joseph Walsh


For years, Joe Walsh has been a staple of the Ohio Region and the Cleveland State Vikings. Walsh is instrumental in all offensive aspects of CSU’s success. He’s their main offensive weapon and best catcher on the back line. When Walsh is active on the court for the Vikings, there’s always a chance they can take the point because of how influential he is for this roster. If this is Joe’s last season, then he has cemented himself as a CSU legend and an All time Ohio Region Player.

2) Alex Jonauskas


With the future of his dodgeball career in question, transfer student Alex Jonauskas stepped into his first OU practice with little expectation. However to nobody’s suprise, Jonauskus and his 5-tool skill set fit right in as an impressive leader and talent. Having so many rookies on the team, Jonauskus took charge when it came to talking gameplan and he played probably the biggest role in transforming Ohio Dodgeball into a threat for this year and beyond. Alex is well known for his poise on the court; I have never once seen him tense or flustered as he always seems to be in complete control of the game. Possessing one of the most accurate throws in the NCDA, along with some of the most consistent and clutch catching I’ve ever seen, the only surprise to anybody reading should be that he isn’t higher on this list.

3) Matt Rosinski


Talk about leaving on a high note. Matt Rosinski started playing with UC right before the pandemic came. It’s such a shame he’ll only have one full season of dodgeball under his belt, but he made it one heck of a season. The one-two punch of him & Cory Heitmann is what made UC’s transition game so effective. Left handed throwers aren’t the most common in the NCDA, and Matt took advantage of that. He’s got a hard, overhead throw with insane movement for kills and a side armed throw for solid resets. He’s even made some of the most clutch catches this season, especially the one against Towson in OT at Nationals. With the same tenacity in the middle of the court as his teammate Cory, it’s made Matt a force to be reckoned with for the Bearcats this season.

4) Brandon Feltner


It’s rare for a player to continue to improve year after year. When a talent like that comes along, it can provide a foundation to a team of any kind. Brandon Feltner is one of those unique talents. The first Falcon appearing on this list, Feltner has worked endlessly to improve in every aspect of the game. His hard work and dedication has earned him a spot on this year’s All-American second team list. Feltner has been a corner stone of the Bowling Green offense for years; playing the left side with his signature lefty side arm action, he has become lethal on crosses and will catch anyone sleeping. He has grown into a very well rounded player. He possesses a high on-court IQ, a knack for clutch catching, and if he has a ball in his hands, good luck getting him out. Brandon was irreplaceable for the Falcons this season and stepped up to a position of leadership and helped a young Bowling Green team find its identity for the future.

5) Sam Palumbo


Sam Palumbo closes out his NCDA career at #5 on the All-American 2nd-Team. As a graduate student, this is his second lap with the NCDA which placed the seasoned vet amidst an entirely different league within one of the strongest OSU teams to date. Despite OSU’s strong roots starting in the fall of 2019, Sam quickly reestablished himself as the top thrower at Ohio State. After the COVID hiatus, he upheld that reputation for the 2021-22 season. No NCDA players have a throw quite like Sam. He can launch an overhand so hard it will knock a ball out of your hands and take you off your feet, and he can whip a backhand throw across the court at the least suspecting victims. Perhaps Sam’s best quality on the court is his confidence. Not only will he push back entire teams with a windup, but he has also controlled the game with his sheer presence and point-blank catches. Sam may be known for his throws, but he is an all-around player and teammate. He has been instrumental in the success of numerous matches this past season and a key player and leader for the Buckeyes during a time of regrowth. Although his shoulder and thumb have been done playing for years, I anticipate his name will be known around the dodgeball community for years to come.

6) Kyle Strong


Kyle Strong is another member of this year’s Towson team who was on the 2019 championship roster. While not always the flashiest player, you could rely on Kyle to make the correct play more often than not. Rarely throwing catches because of his incredible accuracy, or making any kind of mistake for that matter, Strong lived up to his name and proved to be an important centerpiece on the Tigers roster.

7) Cole Wilson


Cole Wilson is the second Falcon appearing on this year’s list. The three time captain for Bowling Green has been a centerpiece of the team for years now. From his big arm to his big time catches, Cole has been nothing short of phenomenal for the Falcons his whole career. Cole came in the 2017-18 season apart of a large rookie class, and quickly established himself as one of the premiere players from that group. If there is a logo on the court, you find Cole square in the middle ready to hit you at a moments notice. With his unique three fingered grip and the signature pineapple shorts, if you are out of position he will let you know. Ending his career on a high note is fitting for a player of his caliber. His leadership and dedication has shaped a young Bowling Green team into a force to be reckon with for years to come. Goon squad out.

8) Tyler Kratzer


Tyler Kratzer has been an incredible player to watch over the years and in his final year, he has earned a much deserved accolade of making the All-American second team. I have always been impressed with his ability to catch most anything that comes his way and how strong of throw he has. That allowed him to bring the pressure to get close range kill shots and get ball control for his team as teams would try and fail to get him out. In watching his team this year, I think it was his leadership on the court that impressed me most as you could tell his teammates really listened to him and rallied around his play. He was always helping the new players get better and understand the game so that they could be more competitive on the court.

9) Christian Iannuzzelli


Iannuzzelli was one of the most athletic players in the NCDA this past season. The best example of this was in their quarterfinal match against JMU where completed a cartwheel dodge on a team throw, followed by a flight kill on the other end less than 5 seconds later. He is the type of player with enough raw athleticism that could be molded to play well in any sport, and we were lucky enough he chose dodgeball. We are excited to see Christian’s dodgeball career continue to evolve and hope he will continue on and play in the USA Dodgeball Premier League.

10) Hunter Friedman


Along with his brother, Hunter Friedman was a big reason this Towson team came within moments of making the Final Four at this year’s Nationals. He was unarguably one of the team’s best throwers and did an excellent job of executing Towson’s strategy of dominating the neutral zone. His athleticism and shiftiness made him a tough out all season, and the experience of being a national champion was on full display. Hunter Friedman will certainly be missed by his teammates next season.

11) Joe Barber


Joe Barber lands on the 2022 NCDA All-American 2nd Team after his best season with Saginaw Valley State. Barber was one of the veteran leaders for the Cardinals this year, and helped build an inexperienced SVSU roster into a competitive club by the end of the season. Barber is know most for his power arm. One of the fastest and most accurate throwers for SVSU, he was often counted on to control the pace of the game from his side of the court and make big throw after big throw. This is Barber’s first time being selected on an All-American 1st or 2nd Team. He was also selected to the 2022 All-Michigan Region Team.

12) Josh Kramer


The staple of MSU’s chemistry and game play, Josh has shown that his role on the court for the Spartans is vital to their success. While most people have a standard “catch radius” that most typically know not to throw in, Kramer’s seems to be anywhere even remotely close to him. His diving plays or leaping snags have made every opponent turn their head and earn respect. Josh, while dealing with an injury for a majority of the year, made the most of his situation and created plays where there typically would not be for an average player. He shows the difference between good and great and epitomizes strong leadership. The trio of Girling, Butler III and Kramer look to improve upon an already powerhouse roster at Michigan State next year.

The above writeups were prepared by various members of the NCDA Content Team

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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