2022 All-Midway Conference Team

The 2021-2022 season comes to an end and it is time to recognize the individuals that put in the work to make it onto The Midway Conference All-Region team. This year the teams that were included on this list are: University of Nebraska Lincoln, University of Kentucky, and the University of Wisconsin Platteville. This list consists of the top 12 in the conference, voted on by their peers. A special thanks to the players that helped with this. Let’s take a look at the results and see who impressed this year!


1. Colby Chohrach University of Nebraska Lincoln-Colby in his junior season accomplished what no one from UNL has ever done, by making the first team all American list. I dare anyone to find a weakness in Colby’s game. He has an absolute canon for an arm, he can jump like a jackrabbit, and can clutch up a catch from anyone in the league. When Colby first joined the team we knew he was going to be an integral part of this team for years to come. Then Covid hit and derailed everyone’s plans, he was extremely excited to show what he and UNL could do at nationals. Colby is the kind of guy to always be cracking jokes and trying to make everyone laugh as was seen by many at nationals. There is so much that can be said about this guy and this is only the beginning, look for him to move up the all American list next year. There is not much left to say but “Corn and Protein Baby”.
Written by Dustin Sprunk (Nebraska)

2. Ethan Glenn University of Nebraska Lincoln– Ethan is one of our three seniors and will be missed by all at UNL Dodgeball. Ethan has been on the team for 3.5 years and has always been a calming presence to everyone around him. He never loses his head and we can always count on him to make the best decisions in the heat of the moment. Not only does he have a great arm, but whatever he doesn’t block he will snag right out of the air. It does not matter if its low or high if it comes near him its gone. He is our most consistent player and for that reason has been a Captain for 2 years and I am happy for him being number 2 on this list as this is his first All region list selection. Ethan has helped our rookies get accustomed to the game whether that is pace or just exactly how it all works. I have never seen this man ever have an angry bone in his body and he knows its all a game. If something doesn’t go his way, he lets it go and gets right back after it. That is his best attribute to the team as he always plays his game and no one can ever get in his head. He is graduating with a Chemical Engineering degree in May and UNL Dodgeball wishes him the best of luck and hopes to see him back for alumni games.
Written by Dustin Sprunk (Nebraska)

3. Caleb Newell University of Wisconsin Platteville– This was Caleb’s first year playing competitive dodgeball and that is exactly what Caleb is, “competitive.” He has such a drive to compete, that he has probably watched more film on dodgeball this year than anybody else in the league because he wants to learn the sport, but also figure out other teams’ weaknesses. He is arguably one of UWP’s strongest throwers. With his baseball background and competitive edge, he makes it look easy. He is also a guy who would rather throw straight at you and watch it leave a mark, as several players around the league found this out first hand. This is why he is great for team and transition throws. It does not take teams long to figure out that he is a threat. Do not be surprised if Caleb becomes a household name around the league next year.
Written by Tomas Zander (Platteville)

4. Tyler Kratzer University of Kentucky– Tyler Kratzer, better known as TK, has been on the Kentucky Dodgeball team for five years. He made a lasting impact from day one and has only improved with time. His on-court vision and dodgeball IQ makes him one of the best players Kentucky has ever seen. TK has a drive to win and is always willing to direct the newcomers down the path towards victory. He is one of the biggest role models on the team and I know the returning players next year are going to look to fill the hole he is leaving behind. TK secured his spot as a “Kentucky Great” when he made the winning catch in OT at the 2019 nationals to send us to the second round. He proved time and time again that catches win games but a good whip of the ball to his opponents worked just fine. His arm strength is unmatched and puts him in the top 3 for fastest throwers on the team. Thank you for all you have done for this team and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.
Written by Justin Conti (Kentucky)

5. Justin Conti University of Kentucky– Justin became an instant difference maker from the moment he stepped on the court. His four year career with UK Dodgeball is nothing short of great. His all-around gameplay cemented his status as a top player, not only on his team, but in his region and the league. There wasn’t much on the court that Justin couldn’t do. With an arm injury plaguing the 2019-2020 season and then the onset of COVID, Justin missed out on a lot of valuable time within the league. Had this time not been lost it’s hard telling just how dominant Justin would’ve been in his final season. That being said, UK is going to have a tough time replacing a player of Justin’s caliber next season.
Written by Tyler Kratzer (Kentucky)

6. Dustin SprunkUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln– Where do I start with Dustin? Dustin has been on the UNL team for 3.5 years and has been a Captain for 2.5 of those years. Throughout that time he has developed one of the strongest arms on the team and a top tier catching ability. Its really hard to talk about just how good he is at every aspect of the game, so I’ll just say that I’m glad he’s on the UNL team. One area, often overlooked, where Dustin excels is his knowledge of the game. This knowledge has led to him developing many drills and in-game strategies that have really allowed himself and the entire UNL team to exceed our own expectations this past year. I think that every player at UNL has some part of their game that was molded and developed from Dustin’s teaching. I know that I personally owe Dustin everything for being the one to invite me and keep me in dodgeball all this time. Even though Dustin is graduating this year, I am sure that his teachings will help the UNL dodgeball team for years to come. The UNL dodgeball team wishes him the best as he graduates with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I can’t wait to play with or against him in Alumni games.
Written by Ethan Glenn (Nebraska)

7. Jacob Sebranek University of Wisconsin Platteville– Jacob “Jesus” Sebranek best known for looking like Jesus with the hair and beard. I have known Jacob for what seems like forever and the best way to describe him is that he is an awesome friend, and teammate. I have known him on and off the court and we have many similarities such as: Civil Engineering, Wisconsin sport teams’ fan, and Marvel/DC fan. Jacob’s work ethic and character are the biggest driving factor that makes him successful on and off the court. Now, let’s talk dodgeball, Jacob’s growth the past few years on the court have been attributed to attending many off-practice workouts with coach Erik. Jacob’s catching ability was his best component of his game. Jacob’s throwing ability was developed into a threat this year by aiming for toes and incorporating the no look throw into his game. I am looking forward to seeing Jacob on the USA dodgeball circuit in the future. The impact that Jacob had on the team will be truly missed. Thank you for the memories, all the help on homework, and all the sporting events watched.
Written by Kyle Reinke (Platteville)

8. Tommy EggertUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln– Tommy has been a vital member of the team ever since he joined. I personally believe that Tommy is the best catcher on the UNL squad and I don’t think anyone else from UNL would object. There have been many games at practice where Tommy will be left for last, because throwing everything you’ve got at him is the only way to get him out and even then he’ll probably catch at least one ball. Don’t let this distract you from his throws though. Tommy’s accuracy with a ball has also become killer in practice and at tournaments. Your ankles are never truly safe when Tommy has a ball. I’m excited to watch him grow and play as a captain for UNL next year.
Written by Ethan Glenn (Nebraska)

9. Tomas Zander University of Wisconsin Platteville– The Zander name has been a staple in the Midwest region and Tomas is no exception to that. Tomas has been an integral part of our success this year. Since he is a graduate student, he has years of experience that we lacked during the first half of the season. Pair this with his strong arm and ability to make calls on the court makes him a dangerous playmaker during points. He helped many of our freshman get up to speed heading into nationals as well as drew the attention to the middle of the court allowing others to make key plays.
Written by Caleb Newell (Platteville)

10. Kyle Reinke University of Wisconsin Platteville– Kyle has been a member of UWP’s club for 4 years now. He is an excellent catcher and is always trying to help the rookies improve. Kyle shows up on Mondays and Wednesdays to work on drills even though only a few of us show up as compared to Tuesday and Thursday practices. This is where he has really improved his throwing, blocking, and confidence. Also, Kyle often invites the team over for the more important football and basketball games such as the Big Ten Championship or NBA Playoffs. Kyle has been a good friend to everyone on the team and we wish him good luck with his Civil Engineering career.
Written by Jacob Sebranek (Platteville)

11. Tre SumrallUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln– Tre was the President for UNL second semester after serving as a Captain first semester. Tre joined with an amazing recruiting class in 2019 and quickly showed why he stuck around. His dodgeball IQ and arm talent are second to none on our team, getting Tre out is no easy feat as he can block or dodge most anything with ease. Tre played the entire season with a broken thumb and if that does not tell you about the grit and determination this man has for dodgeball I do not know what will. Tre will serve as our president next year and I for one am very excited to see where he will take this team in the 2022-23 season. He has plans to travel more and try to get the name out for our home tournament even though we know its a drive. He is hoping that we intrigued a few people at nationals. That’s the kind of guy Tre is always two steps ahead and thinking about the team and I am glad I got to meet and become friends with this guy. Tre will take this team farther than it has ever gone and hopefully come home with a dodgeball cup next season and be even higher on this list.
Written by Dustin Sprunk (Nebraska)

T-12. JT Warren University of Wisconsin Platteville– Jerome “JT” Warren had the task of being our President this year in his 4th year with the team. JT did a great job of booking hotels, planning tournaments, and helping the rookies with travel reimbursements. JT began looking for catches more frequently this year and his catching improved a lot. JT was a leader at practices and often broke us down in the huddles before games. JT still has two more years with the team and once we’ve worked on his throw he’ll be an even more dangerous threat on the court.
Written by Jacob Sebranek (Platteville)

T-12. Alexander SchmitUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln– Alex Schmit, being one of three Alex’s on the team, has really made a name for himself, that name being Spiderman. There is not more accurate comparison I can make for his skills at dodging anything that is sent his way. I used to believe that the bullet dodging scene in the matrix was done with CGI until I learned that they probably just hired Alex as a stunt double for the scene. Seriously though, he puts the dodge in dodgeball. Of course, being able to dodge isn’t the only thing Alex can do. Alex has one of the strongest arms and he doesn’t even have to pinch the ball. He also has the brains and the skill to perform amazing catches. I’ll definitely be watching Alex next year because I believe he is one of the most fun players to watch in the league.
Written by Ethan Glenn (Nebraska)

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