2020 All-South Team

Listed below is the 2020 All-Region Team for the South. This list was voted on by captains within the South Region.

The following was produced by Zachary Rivera, Kyle Dattelbaum, and Hunter Ford:

1. Daniel LaJeunesse (Kentucky):

Back to back All-South #1’s for the University of Kentucky! Leading the Southern Region list is the captain of the University of Kentucky dodgeball team himself. This is his second year in a row being on this list, moving from #2 to MVP in the South, and rightfully so. LaJeunesse stepped up big time for his team this year, leading them to several victories throughout the season and the first ever Southern Dodgeball Cup Championship. He is an extremely versatile player with a ton of energy and presence on the court, and he has some pretty awesome moves which makes him surprisingly hard to hit. He also makes some pretty funny Tik-Toks, so check him out!

T-2. Josh Manning (Georgia Southern)

In his very first full season competing with Georgia Southern in the NCDA, Manning has shown up as one of the most dangerous players in the South, despite the fact he has had to play through injuries in several matches. Manning has been a member of Georgia Southern’s Club for a couple seasons now, but due to past injuries was not able to compete regularly with his team. This season, Manning stepped up and helped lead his team in some of the closest and most competitive matches this team has ever played. Manning is a powerhouse thrower and won’t hesitate to put his body on the line in order to make a catch. Unfortunately, this was Manning’s last eligible season to compete, and he surely will be missed. I’m sure we will get to see some of his awesome athleticism in future Alumni games.

T-2. Tyler Kratzer (UK):

As one of the assistant captains from University of Kentucky, Tyler Kratzer comes in as one of the players tied for the second spot on this list. Kratzer is one of UK’s offensive powerhouses and knows how to make big plays and take over a point. With the skillset to make the all-american list one day, Kratzer could often be seen rallying off nine to 10 kill points for his squad. Kratzer was monumental to UK’s success in taking home the first ever Southern Dodgeball Cup, taking the overtime point to win against UNG with the swift final three kills. Catch Tyler leading UK into his senior year hoping to make it feel like the season of 2012. 

4. Evan Earle (North Georgia):

Getting his first nod on the all-south list at number 4, Evan Earle. A second year player who has had a major offensive presence since first picking up a dodgeball. After a full year of experience, Evan was able to develop his court IQ to position himself in many situations to help bail out the Nighthawks on multiple occasions. With arguably the strongest arms in the south, be on the look-out for Earle to be even higher on this list by the end of next year.

T-5. Micah Fansler (Georgia Southern):

Micah Fansler ties for the 5th spot on this list thanks to the consistent way he showed up on the court during each match he played in for Georgia Southern this season. Fansler’s strengths on the court lie mostly in his ability to make smart plays and well-placed throws to keep his team’s rhythm going. He has great stamina and motivates his squad to fight on point after point. He has really taken charge of the Eagles and helped to unify his team. He continues to grow as a player, so he will definitely be one of the players to keep watching!

T-5. Ethan Hale-Pate (Kentucky):

Tied for the 5th spot on this list is another one of The University of Kentucky’s assistant captains. Making his second appearance on the All-South list, Hale-Pate is another guy who can make clutch plays when his team needs it most. A high energy court presence who played a large role in securing important wins UNG and SVSU for the Cats. See Ethan competing for even higher ranks on this list as he takes even more club responsibility by the end of 2021.

7. Jake Jarrett (North Georgia):

As one of The University of North Georgia’s assistant captains, Jake Jarrett comes in at #7  as he has become an extremely consistent and reliable player for the Nighthawks. Jarrett had to really step-up on and off the court with the departure of some big names from the club the past couple of years. And he delivered. Providing leadership by example, Jake filled the central utility role on the court making plays at every facet of the game. An absolute work-horse who saw very few players on the other side of the court match his level of hustle. Jake was able to position future players in leadership and will be taking an advisory role before he graduates in December. A player who could truly say that he left the club better than he found it. 

T-8. Royce Hogg (North Georgia):

Tied for the 8th spot on this list is the captain of the UNG Nighthawks, Royce Hogg. This is Hogg’s third year making the All-South list, and rightfully so. Despite his placement on this list, Hogg has been one of the top players in the southern region for a while now, becoming the longest tenured player on the list since the Southern conference’s inception. He still has his signature sneaky cross throw, but don’t be surprised when he completely bodies anything you throw at him and turns the tide in favor of his team. It has been a pleasure watching this guy play for UNG since their induction, and he has done a great job developing future talent as you see many UNG players (4) make their first all-conference list. If we have seen the last of the UNG vet, take a bow on a very successful career Royce. 

T-8. Cameron Northcutt (Kentucky):

The third year, soft spoken, profanity excluded player finds himself on his first All-South listing. And although his verbal tendencies portray a sense of passiveness, it is the complete opposite for his play. Providing a powerful arm for the UK offense, Cameron sports no remorse for his opponents. A true threat to any position on the court if Northcutt is found to have a ball in his possession. In 2021 Cam will continue to play a focal part for the repeating core UK roster looking to repeat as SDC champions once again. 

10. Josh Pruitt (Georgia Southern):

Coming in at number 10 on this list is Josh Pruitt, who just finished up his third season with the Georgia Southern Eagles. Pruitt has really come into his own these past few seasons, showing up as one of GSU’s top defensive players. He can block almost anything you throw his way and is a hard target to hit. He has great ball placement when resetting the shot clock for his team, and he has the endurance to hold the other team from closing a point when it matters most. I expect we’ll see great things from him as he goes into his senior season next school year.

11. Vince Bartolomei (North Georgia):

Another one of University of North Georgia’s assistant captains, Vince Bartolomei has shown up as one of the Nighthawks most clutch players. He was able to pull off a 1 v. 4 point over GSU which turned the tide of the rest of the match when the two teams faced off at the Southern Dodgeball Cup. He has a powerful arm and knows how to time his throws to catch his opponents off guard while also possessing the ability to grab some catches as he attracts a lot of attention from the opposition. Vince was able to make a name for himself nationally at the No Fear Invitational starring for the Nighthawks against some outside competition. Look for Vince being much higher on the 2021 All-South list as he takes over even more offensive responsibility and the captain role for UNG.

T-12. Tony Hinson (Georgia Southern):

One of Georgia Southern’s rookie players comes in tied for the 12th spot on this list. Hinson picked up on NCDA style dodgeball play fairly quickly and made himself known as a one of the Eagles’ top throwers. He can also make some very clutch catches for his team which has helped GSU solidify their ability to turn things around with some decisive catches and quick counterattacks. He is going to become an impressive player for GSU and the southern region in his  seasons to come.

T-12. Andrew Bennaman (North Georgia):

A true under-appreciated darkhorse of the conference, Andrew Bennaman rounds out the all-south list. Finishing up his second year, Andrew has developed into one of the most difficult outs in the league with taking advantage of his small stature, great hands, and fantastic blocking skills. Andrew also provides a pound-pound offensive presence that keeps the opposition continuously guessing. With two years left for Andrew, look for him to be an even more tenured vet in the Southern conference. 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Brett Storie (GSU): When he shows up, Brett Storie is one of the strongest players for the Eagles. He had a strong start to the season, but unfortunately other commitments pulled him away from dodgeball later on in the season. He still has some time left, so hopefully we’ll get to see him play with his team and help lead them to more victories next season.
  • Luke Cheney (UNG):  Cheney is one of the current assistant captains for the Nighthawks and one of only two players to participate in each of UNG’s active seasons (4, Royce Hogg). An experienced player with a close-quarter blocking confidence unparalleled by anybody else east of the Mississippi. Luke developed his game around that skill to aid in baiting close attacking players for quick counter-attack kills. It would be a crime not to recognize all the work he’s done as a southern region player since UNG’s induction. If we have seen the last of Luke, he will surely be missed by his team and the league.

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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