2018 Executive Board

WASHINGTON Office of the Director of Officiating (and Records): 27 of the 32 Member Teams have submitted valid ballots for the Election of the 2018 Executive Board.  Additionally, non-voting ballots were submitted by upcoming member teams Gonzaga and the University of Central Florida, we thank them for their contribution.  A number of alumni voted, however did not reach the required number of votes (14) to be included as an Alumni Ballot.

The open positions on this year’s ballot included: President, Treasurer, and three Directorships under the recent Board expansion. These three directors will be titled as one of their first actions of business. The positions of President and Treasurer were unopposed, so only one round of voting was required for each.  There were four eligible candidates for the three Directorships, and required three rounds of voting under our preferential Single Transferable Vote system.

Member Team ballots were confirmed and preferential election counted by the upcoming Director of Nationals (Hunter Ford).  The winning candidates have accepted their positions and the defeated candidates have been notified of the results prior to this posting.

Office of President

Felix Perrone

Office of Treasurer

Mike McNicholas


  1. Zigmas Maloni, elected in the 1st round with 13 first preference votes.
  2. Dylan Fettig, elected in the 2nd round with 8 first preference votes and 1.92 transferred votes for a total of 9.92 votes.
  3. Colin O’Brien, elected in the 3rd round with 2 first preference votes and 4.779 transferred votes for a total of 6.779 votes

Wesley Peters was defeated in the 3rd Round, having received 4 first preference votes and 2.721 transferred votes, with an end total of 6.721 votes.

Open (3) 1st Pref 2nd Pref 3rd Pref 4th Pref
Dylan Fettig 8 5 7 3
Zigmas Maloni 13 5 5 3
Colin O’Brien 2 10 10 0
Wes Peters 4 7 5 6

Technical Details: The Preferential Voting system was a multi-member style preferential election utilizing single transferable vote (STV) with a Gregory style fractional vote transfer. Candidates needed to reach a Borda threshold of 6.75 votes (Ballots / (Seats+1)) in order to obtain a seat. The elected candidates were the most preferred among the submitted ballots.

2018 NCDA Executive Board

Felix Perrone, President
Mike McNicholas, Treasurer
Kevin Bailey, Chief of Content
Jacob Leski, Director of League Expansion & Retention
Hunter Ford, Director of Nationals
Zigmas Maloni, Open Directorship (To Be Named)
Dylan Fettig, Open Directorship (TBN)
Colin O’Brien, Open Directorship (TBN)

Article by Zigmas Maloni and Hunter Ford

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