2018 All-South Team

The South is a new and rapidly expanding region in the NCDA.  Outside of the Kentucky schools, the league has not had much growth in the south until recently.  Now, there are active teams in Louisiana, Georgia and Florida!  Despite half the southern schools being in their first or second year in the league, there was plenty of talent throughout the region.

Here is your 2018 All-South Team:

MVP: Kyle Dattelbaum (UNG)

Kyle Dattelbaum caps his final season with North Georgia as the Most Valuable Player in the South Region.  That is quite the honor, and one Kyle is more than deserving of.  First off, Kyle was a heck of a player on the court.  He has a fantastic arm, and is very accurate with where he places his throws.  On top of that, Kyle has a knack for avoiding team throws and making clutch catches, and can often be found leading a comeback point for his squad.  Kyle will leave a great legacy behind as he graduates.  He has been a catalyst for the growth of the South Region over the past few years, not just by founding the club at UNG, but also assisting in the recruitment of Central Florida to the NCDA.  Kyle’s leadership will be missed next season for UNG.  As will his stellar skillset.

P.S. His jersey has been officially retired from use at UNG.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

2. Thomas Clements (UNG)

Thomas Clements had quite the breakout performance at Nationals 2018, proving to the rest of the league that he is a top player in the South Region.  Thomas has a very solid arm, and can be counted on to make a big catch, but on thing that sets him apart from other players is his anticipation and instinct.  If you ever watch Thomas play dodgeball, he looks like a natural out there, as he moves up and down the court making plays in transition with incredible efficiency.  As Kyle Dattelbaum Graduates, Thomas will likely be the new face of the UNG program, and the key to the team’s offensive strategy.  I expect big things from the man with the mullet next season.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

3. Zach Frangi (GSU)

Frangi was Mr. Irrelevant in the Nationals 2017 All-Star Draft, but this year he has been anything but irrelevant for GSU.  The current assistant captain of the team played a big role in helping Southern get their first wins in program history this season.  With a combination of deceptive athleticism and elusiveness he can get balls for the team when they need it, and has a strong while accurate throw to compliment. He is graduating this year, so GSU will surely miss his on-court leadership, but he has definitely helped light a fire for the future of the program.

-Written by Hunter Ford

4. Zach Parise (UK)

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport and basketball courtZach Parise has been a difference maker for Kentucky ever since his first year on the team back in 2014-15.  There is no question he is worthy of his place as one of the top 4 players in the South Region.  Zach is known for his impressive throw accuracy, solid catching skills, and his ability to make “sneaky” plays including this one.  Zach will be missed next year for UK, as his leadership was one of the main reasons their incredibly young squad was able to keep their head above water this season.  While he may not be on the court anymore, his legacy will live on as the young Wildcats roster he assembled continues to improve in the coming years.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

5. Royce Hogg (UNG)

With probably the most appropriate name on this list, Royce is an absolute “hog” for his team (I’ll see myself out).  All jokes aside, Hogg certainly was the team tank this year, providing the heaviest firepower on the Nighthawk offense.  The lefty was able to rack up kill after kill against South Region opponents, which is why he found himself so high up on the list.  Next season he will take over as the head captain for UNG.

-Written by Hunter Ford

6. Casey Jones (NSU)

Casey is one of the best throwers on NSU’s team in my opinion. He has a quick release and it flies pretty low, so if you aren’t paying attention he will snipe you from the sideline. As one of NSU’s captains he’s a bit more quiet than Casey Alfultis on the court, but he makes up for it with his ability to make big plays for NSU when they are in a pinch. This was his last season at NSU, but he has helped build a program that will hopefully become an even stronger contender in the South.

-Written by Zach Rivera

7. Ricardo Menchaca (UK)

Ricardo Menchaca is another UK star that is more than deserving of a spot on this list.  For most of his career he seemed to be an underrated player, but trust me, he has been a serious problem fro opponents for many years.  Menchaca not only has a strong arm, but his quick release makes it that much more dangerous.  As I mentioned above for Parise, UK was not the best team this year, but with Menchaca as one of their leaders, they were able to play solid dodgeball despite having so much youth and inexperience on the court.  Kentucky ended the season on a high note, climbing all the way to #10 in the postseason power rankings.  That end of season success is thanks in large part to Kentucky star Ricardo Menchaca.

-Written by Kevin Bailey

8. Austin Bullock (GSU)

Bullock surprised me a lot this year.  He’s not a guy that’s physically imposing or stands out in any major way, but he is an efficient player on the court.  He had plenty of catches and toe-touches at UNG’s Gold Rush tournament to help keep his team ahead of UCF, and help GSU score their first point ever against UNG.  Bullock was one of GSU’s All-Stars this year, and rightfully so. I am excited to see what he brings to the team next season.

-Written by Hunter Ford

9. Sam Culver (UCF)

In his one and only year with the NCDA, the water polo-er (?) turned dodgeballer did a great job creating and leading Central Florida this year.  He picked up the pinch throw very quickly and used his athletic ability to make plays on the court.  It is tough to see him go after only one season, but he’s established what could very well be a top-tier program years down the line.

-Written by Hunter Ford

10. Zach Rivera (GSU)

The founder and captain for the Eagles makes his appearance on this list at #10.  Rivera was able to take a young and relatively inexperienced team to new heights this year by leading them to victory in multiple games.  His leadership on the court is valuable to Southern’s success, and his presence will be missed after he graduates in the fall of next semester.

-Written by Hunter Ford

T-11. Bailey Hankins (UNG)

Bailey Hankins was a guy UNG captain Kyle Dattelbaum told me to watch out for this season, and it’s only right to see him make an appearance on this list.  He is your prototypical all-around player who has no glaring weaknesses in his game.  With some more time and experience for years to come, don’t be surprised to see this guy closer towards the top of this list next year.

-Written by Hunter Ford

T-11. Ethan Kraus (UCF)

More commonly known as “Half-E”, Kraus was a player that pleasantly surprised me when I had the first opportunity to watch UCF live in their inaugural tournament.  Don’t let the small stature fool you, the kid knows how to move on the court and can make plays for his team in a hurry.  What stood out to me the most was his ability to block and lay out for catches and be successful at doing both.  The Golden Knights will look to rely on him for his remaining time with the team.

-Written by Hunter Ford

Honorable Mention

  • Evan Kachelhoffer (UK)
  • Wilson Horner (WKU)
  • Josh Wynn (WKU)
  • Dominique Warfield (WKU)
  • Casey Altifus (NSU)
  • Daniel Lajeunesse (UK)

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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