2018 All-Ohio Team

For the seasons in the past, the Michigan Region has stood tall against all others. While that still stands true, one region is quickly gaining on their northern counterparts. The Ohio Region is quickly expanding and boasts the most teams currently active in a state, with 9 member teams. With so many teams, it isn’t a surprise that the state has plenty of top tier talent to offer.

Here is your 2018 All-Ohio Team:

1. Jeff Starr (OSU) MVP

I hope this one doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but Jeff Starr is once again your All-Ohio team Most Valuable Player. Jeff is one of those once in a lifetime talents that comes around once in a generation, his unrivaled skill and experience made him one of the best players that OSU and the league have ever seen. This man can do it all, his catching is only bested by his canon that we call his arm. Jeff has seen the Buckeyes at their best, and their worse in his tenure as their captain these past few seasons. When the chips are down, the one player that I would trust on the court is Jeff Starr. One of the most well known and loved players to ever step foot on an NCDA court. Jeff, here’s to you. I hope the rest of your life is GLORIOUS.

-Colby Briceland

2. Tyler Paalman (Kent)

Tyler Paalman is one of the most dangerous players that I have ever seen, and he’s just getting started. This guy really does have all that it takes to be the best. He is the only player in the league that I won’t solo throw, and/or try to catch. His catching and throwing abilities are second to non that I have ever seen. He is truly one of the best players that I have ever had the honor of playing against. Tyler has a few years left ahead of him and I am excited to see how his career unfolds as he helps to lead Kent State to the next level. In his short time in the league and at Kent, Tyler has had a great impact in both regards. I truly believe that he will go down as one of the best to play the game. It is a shame that more don’t know who he is, because he is my frontrunner for Ohio MVP and one of my favorites for league MVP come next season.


3. Adam Hynes (OU)

Coming in at #3 is Adam Hynes who is named All-Ohio a second straight year (#5 last year). Representing the Ohio Bobcats, who enjoyed their most successful season in program history, Adam put together his best season out of his six-year career as well. It’s hard to find players who can gun it at over 70 miles per hour. It’s hard to find players who have a deep appreciation for strategy and the small details on the court. It’s extremely hard to find players who fit both bills, but Adam is just that. Adam is more than just a strong thrower, he has a deep understanding of the game and features respectable hands on top of that. Too many times hard throwers in the league rely on nothing but their arm and fail to grow to their full potential, Adam has showed us in his past two years at OU that there are exceptions to the rule. Being the final year of his career, Adam can walk away from the league knowing that he gave everything he had as player, teammate, and friend to all those he touched. He’ll be missed at OU, but big things are to come for that squad. Farewell to one of the long-time greats of the region.

-Reid Manger

4. Tyler Wickham (BGSU)

Tyler Wickham for me, came out of nowhere last year and was the fasted rising star for the red hot BGSU squad, well, he came out of the gates swinging this season and proved to me and many other that he could take Bowling Green to another level of success that they have never seen before. One of their more vocal leaders on and off the court, Tyler led this team to their most successful season to date. The growing competition of the Ohio region and the NCDA is further demonstrated by the BG squad led in part by Tyler. It is fitting that in his final season he helped bring his squad to the final four, and he ended up fourth in Ohio. Good luck TJ.


5. Tyler Broyles (BGSU)

Coming in at #5 is yet again another long-time great the league is saying goodbye to, Tyler Broyles. Representing BGSU, this is Tyler’s second All-Ohio selection (#13 last year) in the final season of his six-year career. Unlike those voted ahead him, Tyler breaks the mold a bit as he doesn’t rely on his arm nearly as much as he relies on his catching ability. If there were an All-Hands team in the NCDA (good idea for next year, perhaps) Tyler would be a perennial first teamer. What sets Tyler apart from his competition, however, isn’t his hands, it’s his competitive drive and intensity. Nobody on this current Bowling Green squad had experienced the lows of losing quite like Tyler did early on in his collegiate career, but these experiences only made him a better player in the long run. A hard worker in practice and a strategist behind the scenes, Tyler has had a hand in every player’s growth and success on Bowling Green’s roster, and once games came around no one was more prepared to flip the switch than him. I am elated that he gets to end his career on a high note, and is getting the recognition he deserves after being largely ignored for the majority of his career. Tyler is the ultimate teammate, and will be missed across the league.


6. Tom Morand (Miami)

Boy, Tom Morand came and hit the league with a surprise RKO out of nowhere. Miami was dead last coming into the league last year, and in one season the Morand-led Redhawks burst onto the scene in a big way. Miami was able to go 3-0 on two separate occasions, with big thanks to this young man. Tom has the raw talent for the game like no one I have ever seen. With the ability to catch, throw, and be the vocal leader on this young squad, the sky is the limit for this kid. I believe that next season Tom will keep riding this wave of momentum and show us what he’s made of. Keep an eye on Tom this summer as he hones his skills in Elite Dodgeball on the roster of Ohio Legacy.


7. Albert DePerro (Kent)

#7 is Kent’s Albert DePerro. He’s the second (and surprisingly last) Kent player to appear on this list, and for good reason. “Burt,” as he tends to go by, has become a household name in the league over the years and produces year after year for a Kent team that is in title conversations each year. Burt is just a raw competitor. Nobody wants to win as much as he does and he’s willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. He’s got a lethal throw and serviceable hands, but arguably the most dangerous part of Burt’s game is his ability to be streaky. When he’s on, he’s on, and nobody is going to get in his way. He can pick apart entire teams on any given point when he’s feeling it, and that in itself, will make the entire league notice you. Is this the last year we see Burt on an NCDA dodgeball court? It’s anybody’s guess at this point, only he knows what the future holds. If we have seen the last of him, though, he will go down as one of the more decorated players in Ohio history and will surely be missed across the entire league. If he’s back for one more year, though, you can bet that we’ll be writing about him again around this time next year.


8. Joey Stack (Akron)

At #8 comes Akron University’s very own Joey Stack. Just a junior this is already Joey’s second appearance on the All-Ohio list (#7 last year). Joey is a complete player, and has one of the best all-around skill-sets in the league. Lining up against him, I’ve always had issues determining the best way to take him out of the game. He catches too well to single throw, he’s too aware to catch him off guard, and his throw is something you always have to keep an eye on while playing. Akron may not have had the season of their dreams this year, but they went out there, competed, and didn’t roll over for anyone. They enjoyed a fair amount of success at Nationals, and Joey played a huge role in a majority of the points Akron won both at Nationals and during the regular season. I have a lot of respect for what Joey brings to the table, and I look forward to him taking yet another step forward next year for an Akron squad starving for more success.


9. Reid Manger (BGSU)

Sliding in at the number nine spot we have BGSU’s president Mr. Reid Manger. Reid was one of the deadly OT members that helped fuel BG’s run to the Final Four this past year. Reid my not be known for his throwing abilities but he is easily one of the, if not the best, catcher in the league. Without a doubt this man can catch any ball within his reach and make it look effortless. Catch after catch most teams in the league save Reid for last or must throw a minimum four dodgeballs at him to even have the chance to get him out. More of the quiet leader on the court compared to his counterpart Max, his leadership is his other star quality about Reid. His team follows his command, while his play does most of the talking for Reid. Reid returns to BG next year so for opposing teams throwing at him, good luck.

-Adam Hynes

10. Max Kowalski (BGSU)

Another member of the SWOLE-Team Six for BG, Max Kowalski claims the number ten spot on our All-Ohio Team. Max has a cannon for an arm and picks apart opposing teams with ease. Granted there are times where Max loves to play hero ball and single throw, his catching abilities are more than capable to handle most counter attacks from teams and loves the moment when someone single throws his way. Max’s best characteristic that helps his team win games is his heart and passion for the game. The amazing OT game with Towson showed a great display of this with him being able to secure the win for BG and the emotions came pouring in from the team. His determination to win for his team sets him apart from the rest of the pack; well-deserving honor for this young man. He also returns for BG so big things to come for this team.


11. Colby Briceland (Akron)

Content team member and Akron’s own Colby Briceland makes the list for All-Ohio this season. Colby is one of the captains for the ever-improving Akron team. Colby’s arm is what helps him stand out on the court while his leadership skills have improved with game planning against opponents. He has had quite the year this past season with winning a Baller of the Month, traveling to Canada to represent the NCDA, raising over $300 for the Pink-Out tourney, hosting a great pre-nationals tourney with The WAR and being one of the first ever All-Star Game Captains in Richmond. Quite the impressive resume builder this season alone. Colby returns next year for Akron so look for them to keep improving and surprise a couple teams out there in the league.


12. Adam Pfeifer (Akron)

Making his second straight All-Ohio team and rounding out our list is Akron’s Adam Pfeifer. Always a well-deserving candidate for this honor, Adam makes this list for arm strength and strategic mind-set for the game. I have always said, having a walking handbook/coach/player on the court is an advantage for any team and it showed at Nationals with Akron jumping from the 23rd to the 13th seed on Sunday. Adam has his players in the right spots on the court when it matters the most and gives his team opportunities to compete with anyone in the league. Along with his mind-set, Adam’s catching abilities have improved since last year and it showed through against their game with BGSU on Sunday, making catches in the clutch to keep the game close for Akron. Adam will return to Akron next year and work on taking strides to get Akron to make that next jump of competitive play in the league.


Honorable Mention

  • Dominic Tyburski (Miami)
  • Jacob Hulbert (OSU)
  • Soni Nguyen (CSU)
  • Caleb Arnold (OU)
  • Ryan Hinman (Kent)
  • Parker Morris (Kent)

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