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This year we will be revealing the first All-Ohio Team EVER. This is a pretty big deal for the Ohio region, and it is well deserved, as the region begins to strengthen and grow with every season. Now, not all Ohio teams are represented on the list, as some haven’t gotten as much exposure in the league as others, this will change next year as the Ohio region continues to expand.

1. Jeff Starr (OSU)

Jeff has been a staple in the Buckeye squad for a couple of years now, and it’s no surprise that he’s number one on this list, this guy can do it all. Seriously, this man can catch, throw, block, you name it, and he can do it. He really showed his game this year during a slow season for the Buckeyes, proving just how valuable this man is to the league. He may have been snubbed twice in a row for the All-American Team, but this man is well respected by all of Ohio.

2. Tyrell Smith (BGSU)

Tyrell Smith ended his career with the Bowling Green Falcons in superb fashion. This team was the best that it has been in a long time, maybe ever, and it had a lot to do with this man. There isn’t one person in this league that doesn’t cringe just a little when he winds up to throw. Not to mention his ability to pull a clutch catch out of nowhere. There will be a bit of a somber note when he doesn’t lace up the boots next season, but he sure did leave behind a legacy that we won’t soon forget.

3. Albert DePerro (Kent)

This man had arguably his best season this past year, and helped to lead Kent State to a very impressive showing at nationals. Albert DePerro is one of the most knowledgeable dodgeball minds in the league, which is extremely dangerous when paired with his unparalleled on court abilities. He is the total dodgeball package, and he proves time and time again why he is one of the most respected men in the state of Ohio.

4. Logan Baird (Kent)

Logan is one of those players that really flies under the radar because of how calm and non aggressive his play is, but if you underestimate his left cross, you’ll take one to the dome. He is a great leader on the court and a clutch player for the Golden Flashes, as he’s always bailing the team out of a jam with a catch or a big hit. Logan is ending his career with this past nationals, and thats not a bad way to leave the league. He helped his team make it to the elite 8 after an impressive day one. The Flashes will have a huge void next season.

5. Adam Hynes (OU)

Adam Hynes seemed to be the link that Ohio University was missing last year during their unimpressive first season, but whatever he did, worked like a charm, because he helped to lead the Bobcats to their first Ohio Dodgeball Cup Championship back in February, and he never looked back. Even with facing an injury to his dominant hand, this man thrived on the court and instilled fear in his opponents. Adam has a cannon for an arm, and the catching ability to make anyone think twice about throwing in his direction. OU found a keeper here.

6. Colby Briceland (Akron)

Colby comes in at number six on the All-Ohio team. He leads his team of Akron to quality play in the 2016-2017 season with his arm and developing catching abilities. Where Colby is most effective is when it comes to his court and game situation awareness. He knows when to make the right throw and when to lead his team to making the right decisions on the court. Paired with Adam Pfiefer, Akron has two great minds when it comes to the knowledge of dodgeball. With Colby being back in the Zips line up next year, expect big things to come for Akron.

7. Joey Stack (Akron)

Another player from Akron coming in number 7 is Joey Stack (or $tack$ as his jersey says). Joey is without a doubt the best player on the team for Akron for his cannon of an arm and superb catching skill set. What makes Joey a dangerous player on the court for other teams is his tenacity to win each point and how fast he heats up once he starts to get consecutive kills. Joey has turned a game completely around on his own and has secured many points for Akron in doing so. Not only is Joey a top player in Ohio, but is also a top player in the NCDA (Number #18 to be exact) overall. Watch for Akron next year with Joey in the line up to make some noise.

8. Evan Less (Kent)

Evan Less from Kent State securing the number 8 spot on the All-Ohio team. Evan has had huge success with Kent State and it showed numerous times during the season. He has a very strong arm and adds his catching abilities to Kent’s firepower to help create a balanced team for them. Evan helped lead Kent to a strong showing at Nationals this past year and helped get to an elite eight appearance against a Saginaw Valley team. If he returns to Kent next year, expect the Flashes offense to not skip a beat with him on the court.

9. Tyler Wickham (BGSU)

Newly named assistant captain for BGSU, Tyler “TJ” Wickham claims the number nine spot in Ohio. Tyler has been improving his game over the years and this year he truly showed it. He has a great arm for the Falcons to lean on in clutch situations and he now has been developing catching skills as it showed at ODC in helping secure a OT thriller win against Ohio State. What Tyler is most likely known for is his trash talk while playing, however I can tell you now he most certainly backs it up and will go up against anyone in the NCDA. On the court he is a pain to deal with for opposing teams, off the court he is respectable member for BGSU showing passion and drive to succeed in the NCDA.

10. Caleb Arnold (OU)

It’s no surprise to anyone that Caleb is on this list, as he is without a doubt one of the most known players from the region. This can be attributed to his strong play style, and loud opinions. This man started up the wildly successful Ohio University Bobcats, and it’s clear that this team is here to stay. He is the reason for their success, as he took an entire team of rookies and built from the ground up. He is known for his clutch catches and survival play. With Caleb returning this next season, I look forward to seeing what this young team is capable of with this man at the wheel.

11. Matt Klembara (CSU)

Matt Klembara played for Kent State during the dark ages, but that hasn’t slowed him down one bit, it’s almost as if he never missed a beat. Maybe dodgeball is like riding a bike? I watched this man survive for what felt like forever against a hungry Ohio University at The War this year. He helped to form the very young, but also very talented Cleveland State dodgeball club, and with his knowledge and skills at the helm of this squad, they are bound for greatness.

12. Jacob Hulbert (OSU)

From the Ohio State University Jacob Hulbert places 12th on the All-Ohio team this year. Besides Jeff Starr, Jacob Hulbert makes up a huge portion of the Buckeyes offense. His arm speed gives him the ability to have a very strong throw with him not being the biggest guy on the court plus he is one of the more athletic guys on the team for the Buckeyes. He has good catching abilities but his arm is what makes him a threat on court for any opposing teams. Paired alongside Jeff, these two can make up for a dangerous one-two punch. When the Buckeyes are having a good day in a tourney, Jacob is a big reason why too.

13. Tyler Broyles (BGSU)

Long tenured member Tyler Broyles of BGSU takes number 13 on the All-Ohio team. This is well deserved and in my opinion long overdue. Tyler had his best season ever with helping the Falcons have their best season ever and having a good showing at Nationals this past year. While not being known to have a strong arm in the league, he makes up for in his catching and blocking abilities. He can catch any of the top throwers in the league with ease and has the best blocking abilities in Ohio in my opinion. His love for the game and passion truly outmatch numerous people in the NCDA. Oh by the way, he was a second-team All-American too just so you know.

14. Kyle Shaw (Miami)

Putting the Miami University dodgeball club on the map this year can be credited to this man right here. Kyle Shaw resurrected the club this season and they did very well for themselves, scoring some quality wins and playing very impressive at nationals and taking the Buckeyes to their limit. Whenever a clutch play was needed, there he was to get a big kill or a catch that caught everyone off guard. This man has a lot of work to do, but he is up for the challenge. I am really looking forward to seeing this team grow for seasons to come.

15. Adam Pfiefer (Akron)

Rounding out the All-Ohio team is Adam Pfeifer from Akron. Adam has grown into quite the dodgeball player since the beginning of the Akron dodgeball program and is a respected member of the dodgeball community in Ohio. He has a strong arm and has finally started to develop his catching and blocking skills too. What makes Adam stand out from everyone on this list is his mind for the game. He always manages to have a perfect game plan for every team Akron plays and when his team executes Akron is a difficult team to play against. With Colby learning from Adam to have those strong game plans against other teams, look for Akron to be ready to compete with every team in the league.


Honorable Mentions:

Marshall Winterbotham (OSU)

Brian Peacock (OSU)

Reid Manger (BGSU)

Ben Johnson (OSU)

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