2015 Nationals Survey Results

Year by year the NCDA strives to further its legitimacy. At the beginning of May we went out a¬†satisfaction survey about 2015 Nationals. Nationals is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of our organization because of what it stands for. It is a time for everyone to come together to show off their team, enjoy each others’ company, and have some fun. So it is our hope to continue to help create an atmosphere that is most desirable and satisfactory to all whom attend. We asked a series of questions assessing the satisfaction of different elements of Nationals to which we had 43 responses. The results can be found below.

Participants Information:

  • Total Responses: 43
    • Players: 33
    • Officials: 8
    • Spectators: 2
  • First Nationals: 13
  • Nationals Veteran: 30


Below are the average responses per item. Each question was ranked on a 7-point Likert-type scale ranging from Unsatisfied (1) to Satisfied (7). In parentheses is the first standard deviation of each response.

  • Price: 5.12 (1.29)
  • Event Schedule: 5.51 (1.24)
  • Your Matchups: 4.83 (1.58)
  • Matchups Overall: 5.05 (1.34)
  • Head Referees: 4.57 (1.61)
  • ShotClock Timekeepers: 3.91 (1.67)
  • Video from Games: 4.41 (1.24)
  • Location: 4.74 (1.40)
  • Preston Center Staff: 5.52 (1.21)
  • Food Options: 4.84 (1.23)
  • Internet Access: 3.81 (1.81)
  • Ladies’ Match: 4.86 (1.28)
  • Alumni/Staff Game: 4.17 (1.58)
  • T-Shirts: 5.37 (1.30)
  • Digital Program: 5.03 (1.60)
  • Availability of Information: 5.10 (1.14)
  • Captains’ Meeting: 5.28 (1.45)
  • Hotel Availability: 4.93 (1.46)
  • Parking on Campus: 5.38 (1.25)
  • Organization of Event: 5.63 (1.22)
  • Cleanliness of Facilities: 5.69 (1.22)
  • Feeling of Safety: 5.81 (1.17)
  • On-Site Paramedic: 5.36 (1.57)
  • Overall Satisfaction: 5.40 (1.21)


Overall the numbers show a decent success to this year’s event, we can all thank the efforts of Nick Johnson, Josh Raymer, WKU, and the rest of the NCDA Executive Board for their efforts in making this year’s Nationals one to remember. We tried things a tad differently this year from a scheduling and matchup-generation aspect, and we would like to hear your thoughts on what we did in getting rid of the pool-play and matching up games based on: (at least) one reguested game, one new matchup, and one evenly matched game. There are certainly different aspects of Nationals which will be taken into consideration for change in the following years, but this being my seventh Nationals I can firmly say it was one of my personal favorites. If anyone has any suggestions for change, or would like to help plan 2016 Nationals at Bowling Green State University please contact the NCDA Executive Board.

Felix Perrone, NCDA President

Author: Felix Perrone

NCDA President

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  1. I have a dream, that one day the vast majority of the players in this league will care about more than just playing for themselves and their team, but for the league as a whole.

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