Top Tweets of January 2017

It’s pretty clear to see which college dodgeball teams are strong on the court.  We have records and rankings for that.  But now we take the time to measure some off the court success.  Kevin Bailey and I have taken a look at what we view as the top tweets for the month of January.  Below, we have listed our top tweet, and the the rest of the list in no particular order.

*Keep your levels of savagery as high as possible if you want to make the list next month!


#1 – MSU – “He Need Some Milk”



#2  – VCU – When you get a late notice on a tournament invite…


#3 – Terrance Spears (GVSU Alumni) – It’s a running gag at this point.


#4 – VCU – I mean…is it really that hard to make a gym schedule?


#5 – Stevenson – Did you know that girl is 13?


#6 – VCU – Everyone wants to be a hero, until they get caught.



#7 – UK – Who’s keeping track? Kentucky is.



#8 JMU hates Wes Peters for some reason…


#9 – VCU – Refer back to our #1 spot.


#10 – UNG – If you’re not a young team finding its rhythm then apparently you can’t use “Trust The Process”




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