Saturday Results: BGSU Invite and SVSU vs MSU

BGSU, Miami, Kent State, and GVSU duked it out in Bowling Green, Spartans traveled to Saginaw to play the Cardinals.

BGSU Invite

GVSU 6 Kent 0

BGSU 1 Miami 0 (Forfeit)

GVSU 7 Miami 0


Kent 5 Miami 1

Still awaiting Kent vs BGSU score

Results: GVSU 3-0, Kent 1-1*, BGSU 1-1*, Miami 0-3

GVSU now 8-0 with a 52-0 point differential. They are back in action on November 3rd in the annual Battle of the Valleys rivalry showdown in Allendale. Kent now 6-2, competing next in the Miami Invite. BGSU 2-3, and will likely get more matches in this fall. Miami 0-3, next playing in their own tournament November 9th.

SVSU vs MSU (in Saginaw)


SVSU now 5-2, MSU now 0-5-1. SVSU will head to GVSU next weekend for the Battle of the Valleys, Michigan State will play in their home tournament on November 17th. This game was also filmed by local ABC 12.

Big headshot by Myles Shephard of SVSU on MSU’s Sam Clark.


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10 thoughts on “Saturday Results: BGSU Invite and SVSU vs MSU”

  1. I am shocked by the GVSU vs. Kent State score. I thought it would have been a tight matchup but looks like Kent is not exactly the type of caliber team everyone thought they were. Perhaps their victories at their tournament were a fluke afterall. Losing to Ohio State and then getting smashed by GVSU. Good for Grand Valley, they have worked their asses off to get to this level and they deserve all the hype.

    1. Taking nothing away from GV, we were missing half of our starting fifteen guys yesterday. You don’t get to play over 25 games a year AND field your top players for all of them. As for OSU, I told you all over summer they were gonna be something else this year.

      We’ll see you all at Miami.

      1. For the record, we only brought 7 players out of 17 with any dodgeball experience (the 10 only had about 4 or 5 practices) to Kent, and we were eviscerated on this site. Don’t worry Dan, opinions of people who won’t even admit who they are tend to hold little standing with most of us around the league.

        1. Lol what is funny is I’m pretty sure Zig said the IP address came from Mt. Pleasant, and I have no idea which of my players it could be.

          1. Whoever he is seems to enjoy creating some controversy if not animosity towards whomever he/she may be.

  2. Such convenient editing that Spencer’s video of our match cuts off right at the start of the only point we win.

    1. Haha that has nothing to do with Spencers editing. The cameras from SVSU are terrible. when we recorded the GVSU and CMU games at our place 2 weeks ago we only got part of GV and nothing from CMU. The cameras are garbage and shut off randomly.

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