Rule Proposal – Throw Line Distance

Rule Proposal by Kevin Bailey

RULE PROPOSAL: Change the throw line distance from 30 ft to 27 ft.

Rationale: Faster, more exciting, more legitimate version of dodgeball.

This will make throw percentages go up.
Will decrease “stall ball”
And will draw our league closer to every other rubber dodgeball league in the world (most leagues have 20 or 25 ft throw lines)

The biggest knock on the NCDA from ppl in the dodgeball community is that our game pace is too slow. Changing to 12 v 12 helped change this a bit, but moving up the throw line is an obvious change that will help us even more.

For the love of God, please everyone vote for this to pass.
Please. Here’s what I wrote for the proposal last year. Sorry if anything is outdated:

Proposed Rule Change: Change Throw Line Distance to 27 ft

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