Power Rankings – November 2017

As we progress further and further into the fall semester, the college dodgeball season continues to heat up!  Already this year we have seen some fantastic games, and a few very surprising outcomes.  We even had our first event on the west coast when Gonzaga and Oregon State met for a double header.

Since it is the start of a new month, it is time to reveal the new power rankings.  This month, the list was compiled by fellow NCDA Executive Board member Jacob Leski and myself.  We both produced a top 20 list and combined them to make the final composite power rankings that you see below (any tie between two schools would go in favor of the team with the higher win percentage).  Leski and I both leave brief comments below for each team.

Let us know what you think about the current power rankings, and what you expect will change before December rolls around.

*These Power Rankings have no impact on the league’s official standings.

1) Central Michigan

Central Michigan is without a doubt worthy of the #1 ranking based on how they have done so far this year.  Their home tournament on Saturday will be a HUGE test for them.  The Chips will face GVSU, JMU, and UWP. If they go 3-0, I don’t see any possibility of them relinquishing their #1 ranking until the Michigan Dodgeball Cup at the very earliest -KB

Hard not to put the Chips at number one, even if you are incredibly biased like Kevin Bailey. Biggest test this club has had in it’s entire history, going to two tournaments in one weekend (CMU and MSU). How they do this weekend will be a testament to how good this team actually is… – JL

2) James Madison

James Madison has absolutely run over anyone in their way so far this season.  I am dying to see how they do in the tournament at Central Michigan.  A strong showing for the Dukes could push them to #1 in the power rankings! -KB

This club has done a great job of proving it is far and above everyone else on the East Coast. From what I have seen, it is not even close, hence why they are looking for some real competition in Michigan this weekend. – JL

3) Grand Valley State

It’s weird to have GVSU as low as even 3rd in the country.  But at this point in the year, there are two teams with better resumes.  I expect Grand Valley to start to come around over the next few months.  This weekend would be good timing, otherwise JMU will take their first W over the Lakers since April of 2013. – KB

Even after two disappointing defeats to CMU, they are still the 5x defending National Champs. This squad knows what it needs to do to be successful, and their work ethic is comparable to none. They will find a way to get back to the top. – JL

4) Bowling Green State

What an unbelievable to start to the season for BGSU.  Safe to say this is the highest they have ever been ranked in the history of their dodgeball program.  Can they keep it up?  Are they actually a Final Four caliber team?  Time will tell. – KB

It still blows my mind how far this club has come, I mean they were really bad, every season, until last year. They have proven they can hang with the best, but top 4? I am very doubtful of that, interested to see how they do against the top 3 teams in the country. – JL

5) Saginaw Valley State

Don’t sleep on this squad folks.  If I was a betting man, I would put a lot of money on the Cardinals making it to the Final Four at Nationals this April.  SVSU historically starts the year slow, then improves dramatically during the winter months.  Excited to see how they do this weekend at CMU. – KB

When this squad has their full roster, they are as good if not the best team in the country. They just need to convince their team it’s worth their time to show up to a tournament to play dodgeball… – JL

6) Kent State

Kent State had a great weekend when they traveled to the Gauntlet tournament at GVSU, but cooled off a bit at the Pink Out tournament hosted by Akron.  Kent State is not an elite team  in my mind until they start dominating opponents with less talent. – KB

OVERRATED!!! OVERRATED!!! OVERRATED!!! I’m just kidding! Always have had respect for this club, I just don’t understand how they struggle to blow out incompetent teams like Ohio… It honestly baffles me. – JL

7) Towson

It’s no secret that this has been a rough semester for Towson.  Maybe they started to turn the page on that with their dominant 3-0 showing last weekend. – KB

I don’t get it, I just don’t get it. What’s so special about this team? What quality team have they beaten this year other than a depleted Kentucky roster? The answer is ZERO. I’m selling hard on this team. – JL

8) Wisconsin Platteville

I love that UWP is making the trip to CMU to compete in a STACKED tournaments with powerhouse teams like GVSU, CMU, SVSU, and JMU.  They won’t leave there with a solid record, but the experience will be invaluable, no doubt. – KB

Can not wait to see how they fare against top competition this weekend at CMU. I personally believe it will be a Come to Jesus meeting for them, but the experience against top-tier teams will benefit them when it comes time to play top-level competition at Nationals. – JL

9) Kentucky

I am really confused with this team.  Biggest unknown for me on this whole list.  Leski will agree with me here.. – KB

Can you say rebuilding year? Yeah, not sure what else to say here… – JL

10) Penn State

penn state logoBottom line for me: it is reassuring to see PSU attending more events this year.  That will pay dividends come Nationals – KB

Have they learned to play together as a team yet? Not from what I’ve heard, but whenever they do, they will be a force to be reckoned with… – JL

11) Michigan State

Another team that obviously has had a rough start to the season.  MSU will come around over the next few months, but I’m not sure if it will be enough to compete with the rest of the Michigan Region. – KB

Go Green! Go White! Go Green! Go Home! WOW! What a year for the Spartans. I have a lot of faith this team will be a top 10 team by the end of the season. Helps when you have to play Michigan teams for the majority of your season. – JL

12) Ohio

Ohio hasn’t had that signature win yet this year.  They have won the games they are favored in, and lost some close ones to better competition.  It’s a long season though, and they will have many more opportunities to win big.  Another Ohio Dodgeball Cup Championship would be impressive… – KB

They work hard, and often play as a unit…However they are quickly becoming the SVSU of Ohio. – JL

13) Virginia Commonwealth

VCU has lost a lot of tough games this year. Still not sure how good they will look when they are healthy. – KB

Want to see this team when they are healthy, they had high expectations going into this season and for good reason, ready to see what the hype was all about. – JL

14) Virginia

UVA hasn’t had a stellar first semester.  With that said, I still have high hopes for them.  Spring of 2018 is when they will show the rest of the country what they are all about. – KB

It is typical for a newer team to be this inconsistent, however I would like to see them truly play to their full potential. Plus I just visited their campus and am super impressed. – JL

15) North Georgia

UNG proved to be much better than their in-state rivals.  I am excited to see how they do against other competition. – KB

I think they are much better than this ranking, but need to wait until they play better competition. – JL

16) Akron

When will Akron get that big win over a tough in-state opponent like BGSU, or Kent, or Ohio?  They have a lot to improve upon, but they are capable. – KB

As per usual, they are in the middle of the pack. Hard to disagree with this ranking. – JL

17) Stevenson

Stevenson had themselves a great month of October, most notably last weekend when they grabbed a few big wins. -KB

A big congratulations to Stevenson for getting their first two wins in program history and in dramatic fashion! – JL

18) Ohio State

Disappointing start to the season fro OSU.  Crazy to think that just 19 months ago the Buckeyes were competing in the Final Four at Nationals.  – KB

True or False…Jeff Starr has three children. On a more serious note, what has happened to this squad? – JL

19) Oregon State

Congrats to Oregon State for joining the NCDA.  They split their doubleheader with Gonzaga.  Much more to come from these west coast teams! – KB

Welcome to the NCDA! This experienced squad has year-round experience playing dodgeball, don’t take them lightly. – JL

20) Cleveland State

By no means is CSU a title contender, but they are certainly an improving young program. – KB

Matt Klembara continues to build his legacy. Keep up the great work! – JL

Only teams who have played a match this season are eligible for this list.

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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    1. Record only comes into play after factoring in who you play, who you beat and who you lose to bruh. If you want to be ranked higher than SV find a way to play them and beat them

  2. Gonna state it here first that JMU will not be going into the tourney full strength (missing the best player on the team) but still willing to bet that they wax the floor with all those Michigan scrubs

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