Pink Out IV Preview: Picking against the Spread

This weekend, Akron University will host their 4th Annual “Pink Out” tournament, and as is always the case, we will learn a lot about the teams in attendance.  This year looks to be a special tournament, as 12 different teams will travel to northeast Ohio for what will possibly be the largest tournament of the fall.  Worth noting, all but 1 of the teams ranked 6-13 in the latest “Power Rankings” will be in attendance, making this a prime opportunity for each of those teams to prove their worth and make a jump in the rankings heading into November.

As we get set for an awesome weekend of dodgeball, a few members of the Content Team decided to provide their predictions for the weekend.  Please note, these are not normal predictions where each member of the panel simply chooses who they think will win the game.  Rather, these are predictions against the spread. 

For those who are unaware how this works: if Team A is facing Team B, and the spread is -2, then Team A is favored by 2 points.  So for picking against this spread, if a panelist selects Team A, they expect them to win by at least 2, and if they pick Team B they expect the outcome to be less than a 2 point victory for Team A.

Below are the round-by-round predictions for Pink Out IV:

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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