One of the Greats

One thing I tell everyone about the NCDA, is how amazing every individual is that has anything to do with this league.  These men and women are sincere, loyal, genuine human beings who love the game of dodgeball.  But those are not the people I want to talk about.  There is more to the game than just the competition.  It’s a dedication and passion that few have and even fewer are willing to give.  The man I want to talk about possesses these characteristics for this game in a way that outstretches anyone I know. 

The dedication he shows to this game is inspiring; only a few select individuals show the same amount on a regular basis.  Every day he sits down and thinks about what he could do next and how could he create new material for our interest and amusement.  He consistently brings us this material, whether it be about tournament results, past and present players, or a new format for seeding at Nationals.  He brings us this content not only for our enjoyment but for his own as well.  He enjoys what he does, and in turn we enjoy it for the love and commitment he puts into it.

His passion he has for the game goes far beyond simply playing dodgeball.  Passion does not simply lie with act of playing the game but the things you do behind the scenes; the time, the money, the teaching, and the writing all go into this extra work that this man puts into our league.  He shows the ultimate sportsmanship and demands it in return like any true athlete would.  He is a leader, a mentor, a teammate, a rival, a competitor, an athlete, and a great friend to me. In case you have not figured out who this gentleman is yet, I am talking about it is the great Sam Hiller.

This year Sam led his team to the FIRST National Championship appearance, a huge feat for the ten year old club.  He is an unbelievable asset to his team and this league as well.  Sam, congratulations on a great career and thank you for everything else you have done for this league!

~ Michael Patrick McCarthy

Author: ssmith19

Former Captain and Vice-President of Towson Dodgeball. Sporting #19, Sean's talents as a content writer range from previews, interviews, postgames, and excessive uses of both satire and sarcasm. Also, he is the first person to bring some much needed East Coast flavor to the NCDA site.

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