Midland Mayhem Invitational

If you have not guessed it, another weekend is upon us and that means tournament time. This time the new kids on the block, Midland University will be hosting their first ever home tournament, The Midland Mayhem Invitational at the Wikert Event Center/ Hopkins Arena, (900 North Clarkson St. Fremont, Nebraska 68025) on Saturday, November 11, 2017.  The teams in attendance will be: the University of Nebraska- Lincoln (UNL), University of Wisconsin- Platteville (UWP), and Midland University (MU).  It’s a battle in the Midway Conference and the question is, who will reign supreme?  Will it be the Warriors who are just getting the hang of things, the Cornhuskers who are coming off a win against Midland or the Pioneers who took a beat down at the King of the Mountain ( According to Anthony Goetz, there is a plaque for the winners, Midland really goes all out).  Let’s take a look at the schedule and a preview of the matches.     

Time Court 1 Referee
10:00 a.m. UNL vs MU UWP
11:15 a.m. UWP vs UNL MU
12:30 p.m. UWP vs MU UNL

Nebraska vs Midland- This is the second match up between these two teams this year and it should be a good one.  The last time they played Nebraska took the W with a 6-1 record. Something tells me this time around Nebraska will not be putting up that many points as Midland has gained some experience and will use it to help give them a chance to beat UNL. Needless to say, I still believe that the Cornhuskers will win this match as the they have more experience playing and have the arms to take it to Midland.

Wisconsin-Platteville vs Nebraska- This is the match of the day right here. The last time these two teams played was at Nebraska’s home tournament, which Platteville easily took care of business.  Platteville’s experience was the factor last time and will be a factor again this time.  Nebraska will be a tougher opponent as they have more games under their belt.  They will be looking for some payback, but Platteville will be looking to bounce back after last weekend and have that taste of victory once again on their lips. Platteville intends to come out hot and swinging and we hope UNL is ready for it.

Wisconsin-Platteville vs Midland– I will be most interested to see how this game plays out. I don’t know much about Midland, but if their team is anything like Anthony Goetz, it is going to be a fun match to play in.  I expect this to be a fast-paced, high scoring game, that Platteville should win.

Predictions for the matches

Zigmas Maloni- UNL def Midland 3-2 (Midland 2-2 UNL with 6 minutes left. 5 on 5, they have a chance to close it out but UNL closes out the point with a slew of catches.) UWP def UNL 5-2 (UNL 1-1 UWP at half) UWP def Midland 5-1 (Midland gets first point)

Anthony Goetz– In the Nebraska verse Midland game, he has UNL def MU 4-3, Platteville versus Nebraska he has UWP def UNL 5-2, and Platteville versus Midland he has UWP def MU 6-2.

Tanner Obermeier- Tanner comes in with some bold predictions, his first prediction is expected, UNL def MU 5-0.  His other predictions are not as expected, at least for me. UNL def UWP in overtime and MU with the upset over UWP (This would be big if these results occurred, as Tanner says anything is possible).

Erik Zander- Nebraska versus Midland my predictions are UNL def MU 3-1.  Platteville will role and take it to Nebraska, predictions for this game are UWP def UNL 4-1.  Platteville will easily handle Midland and will win, UWP def MU 6-0. (Anthony was hurt by my prediction for the shut out, but I guess he will have to use it to fuel his team to put up points against us.)


I’m so excited that Midland is hosting their first ever tournament and in their first season in the league. It says a lot about this squad and that they are ready to play and are looking forward to being a part of NCDA organization.  It is also nice to see that Nebraska is getting more games in this year and hopefully this will convince them to do more traveling in the future (Hopefully, make it out to Platteville again).  What are your score predictions for this weekend? Comment below and let us know.  The plan is to try and live stream the games and have them on the Dodgeball UWP page.




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