DWC: Day One

Well here it is…the blog you’ve all been waiting for…DAY ONE of theDWC!!! After one day of about 30 games I am pretty beat up. Because BG didn’t go to Nationals (for a stupid reason might I add) I haven’t played a real game of dodgeball since the tournament we hosted in Febuary causing my soreness to be extremely intense.

I played in two divisions both only using the traditional 8.5″ ball and (drum roll please) one of the teams was all female…that’s right all of us were girls and we did really well against all male teams. I loved playing with my women-folk it was refreshing knowing that there are actually really great dodgeball players that just happen to be women.

On an interesting note two universities were there University of Miami and Oregon State both of which were not at the NCDA level but definitely have potential we should probably get them into the NCDA making the league reach coast to coast…also I think that next year, as kind of a starter to the new year, the NCDA should submit a team or two kind of like an NCDA All-Stars…even if the rules are different most everyone there would be murdered or have some major competition at the very least. I know most of us think the pros can’t handle our league mainly because of the rules they play by but the pros are actually really good and would hold their own in one of our games…anyways just some thoughts as I try to rest for tomorrow’s day of dodgeball…I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

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