Dodgeball World Cup

Hey everyone I know its been awhile since I last posted but its the off season so not much is going on. But the biggest event in the dodgeballworld is happening in less than a month, the Dodgeball World Cup, and I felt like this deserved a nice post. I will be going to this event as a freelancer and trying out for the pros although, as most of the NCDA knows, the “pros” are nothing compared to how we play.

I felt like I had a chance to compete and do well in the competition happening August 14th-16th in Las Vegas so I decided to try it out. The DWC has 5 divisions; Open 8.5″, Co-ed 8.5″, Open Stinger, Co-ed Stinger, and Women’s. Personally I can’t wait to see the Women’s division just to experience what females can do when the guys aren’t around. On the other hand I am not excited for stingers. Honestly I don’t even think stingers should exist in the world of dodgeball it takes away the brutal bruises from a traditional 8.5″ which is so much more fun to show around (as far as battle wounds go).

Regardless of my personal preferences I think the DWC will be a blast, even if the pros are chicken shit compared to our league, and I will be posting pics and comments about my experience as a woman in this huge competition.

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