December Dodgeball Dash- Recap

On December 1 2018, several teams at the December Dodgeball Dash went head to head to show case their stuff. The teams in attendance were: Grand Valley State University, Ball State University, Miami University, University of Cincinnati, and the University of Wisconsin Platteville.  Below are the scores of the games for the day.

BSU def UC 5-3 [S]
GVSU def UWP 5-0
GVSU def BSU 6-0
Miami def UC 5-0 [S]
UWP def BSU 4-2
Miami def UWP 5-1
GVSU def Miami 5-1
UWP def UC 4-0 [S]
Miami def BSU 4-2
*UC matches were unranked

Thoughts from the Day

Erik Zander- The day was filled with a lot of exciting matches and the young teams like UWP and Ball State were able to play teams tough and give their opponents a challenge in every point. Ball State as a second semester team, played extremely well against UWP and Miami as they were able to keep both matches close.   Miami was able to hang with Grand Valley for few points, but GVSU showed why they are such a dominant team.  They were able to handle all their other opponents with out to many problems. GVSU used this tournament as a chance to develop their younger players and took control in all their matches.  UC was able to get some games in and learn how the game should be played and have fun doing it. Wes Peters made a new friend in #9 Logan Stevenson of UWP that day.  It is going to be fun to see how all these teams do next semester.

Kevin Frye (BSU)Ball State preformed exceptionally well at our home tournament. We were able to field several talented players that haven’t been able to make it to any of the tournaments that we’ve been able to travel to. Overall, we did exceptionally well for a second-semester team still growing and has given us a good idea of where we are within the league going into the next semester. Our key players from the weekend were Cody Tebbe and Alissa Mintner for their outstanding performance.  We would also like to thank all the teams for coming, it was a fun day!

Mark Liedtke (UWP)– For our last tournament of the semester, I thought we played very well. Our games against GVSU and Miami were rough as expected, but I thought we played hard and tough for most of those points. As for the our match against Ball State, I thought we played great and had a lot of good communication and catches and that really helped us to get the hard fought victory. Overall, I think our young team showed a lot of great progression in our blocking ability and also our catching ability. I am really excited to see what we can bring to the table next semester on the road to nationals.

Tom Morand (Miami)The decision to traveling to Ball State last weekend was a great way to close out the semester. We came out of the tournament with the record as we expected at 3-1 or officially 2-1 with the match not counting against UC. We were missing a few key players, but this was a great opportunity for our rookies to build confidence and step-up on the floor. During the match against UWP we were able to settle into our style of play and make great plays to close the match out with a convincing win. The GVSU game didn’t go exactly as we had planned, but I was impressed with our catching ability up and down our roster. For Ball State, they have come a long way in the last year and a few of their players really impressed me. Once UC gets a few more players they will be starting off on a great foot with Wes Peters as their coach.

Wes Peters (UC)- Unofficially, it was the UC Dodgeball Club’s first tournament as our matches were unfortunately scored as scrimmages. Officially, everyone from our team had a blast! It was great to get 7 of our guys some real match type experience, & to get them a better feel for what college dodgeball is really like. Thank you to everyone who was super friendly and gave our team a great impression of what the league is like and how awesome the people who represent it are.

Specific to our matches, we played Ball State, Miami, & UWP. Ball State looks to be a promising young team with a good amount of talent & a lot of potential. They need to get a better handle on the strategy & develop a few more arms, but they look pretty good! We travel often to Miami’s practices, and that has been amazing for the quick growth of a lot of the guys on our team. Miami is also very promising, and if they can develop better discipline & cohesion as a team, they will give the top tier teams a very real scare down the road, and could make a lot of noise at nationals. They beat us soundly & we mixed up teams after halftime. UWP provided our most enjoyable game of the day, as they gave us two of their players & we played 10 on 10 after we got down 3-0. Overall, we had a great time, thanks to Ball State for hosting. Once we get a few more people and are able to practice & compete with a full team, I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people.

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