BOTM: 2016 December

December Baller of the Month- Brian Hymel (DePaul)

It gives me great pleasure to announce Brian Hymel as the December Baller of the Month.  He is an excellent player and one that you should never throw at alone, as many other teams who have played against him know.  Not only is he a great catcher, but he also has strong arm that you have to watch out for.  He is definitely a top 10 player in the league and this semester many teams will see why.  Check out the conversation below that I had with Brian.  

Erik Zander-Do you have any initial thoughts about receiving the award and being picked as Baller of the Month?

Brian Hymel-I was surprised and honored to receive the award.  More importantly, I’m glad that a DePaul player is getting some recognition.

EZ-What do you think have been the major keys to your development in becoming not only one of the best players on your team, but also in the league?

BH-Since dodgeball is such a new sport there aren’t really any set ways to get better like drills and techniques. I find that the best way to keep progressing is to just play as much as possible. I play in a lot of tournaments and leagues out side of NCDA and that helps me grow as a better player and teammate.

EZ-How do you think your role has changed since you first joined DePaul Dodgeball  to where you are now?

BH-My first experience of dodgeball was through DePaul Dodgeball and it grabbed me.  I saw a lot of potential in getting better and with many years of great presidents, including Mario Romanelli, Brian VanMeter and the Niko, from the competition I grew into the player I am today.

EZ-For this semester do you have any personal goals for yourself as well as for your team?

BH-I feel like this year DePaul is the strongest we have been in years so our goal is to show that to everyone at nationals. My goal is to lead them there and help show how talented our team is.

EZ-During your time in the league has there been any favorite moment of yours?

BH-On the court nothing really stands out, but I will never forget the moments off the court with DePaul Dodgeball, the ones I remember.

EZ-Are there any teams you love playing against or teams you would like to play?

BH-Kent State is one of the best teams to play against simply because they play the same kind of game as us. They are a team that wants to have fun.  We joke around and have a good game while also competing.
EZ-So going forward do you have any tournament plans in the spring, either hosting or traveling that you’re looking forward to?

BH-I always look forward to playing dodgeball, we have a couple tournaments coming up at home and away that I look forward to.  The tournament I look forward to the most this year is nationals. It will be my last one and I think we will be bringing a very strong team.

EZ-Just to change it up and ask something fun, what is your favorite TV show and is there any reason?

BH-It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of my favorites just because its just a stupid fun show.

EZ-Is there anyone in the league you would love to hit in the face with a dodgeball?

BH-Niko Nodal, bring him back.  Current members probably going to have to say Tony Stumpo has such a great face to hit.

EZ-Any final thoughts you would like to mention about DePaul Dodgeball or yourself that we haven’t talked about yet and you want the league to know?

BH-We have a lot of young talent that is growing. I only hope the best for the club after I leave and it looks like they will continue to grow and be even stronger in the following years.

Here are what some people from the league had to say about Brian as a player.

Felix Perrone-“Very confident and skilled player. Excellent man-bun as well.”

Zigmas Maloni- “Man Bun”

Tyler Hamilton- “Brian Hymel has been one of our best players since he stepped on the court his freshman year. He’s not as good as Niko, but I’m glad he’s receiving some much deserved recognition for his ability to catch and throw with the best of them”.



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