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As I’m sure everyone is well aware of, the World Cup is underway. After watching the first set of pool play games and getting a better sense of how good every team is, I thought it would be fun to come up with some mock NCDA groups that could potentially mirror groups A-H in Brazil.

Before doing this, I have to qualify that I only know so much about soccer, and that I’m doing this more to get people interested in doing something similar. These are not groups that I could actually see being put together at any future Nationals, it’s more about the teams I think would make the best comparisons. Some teams may overlap for the same reason.

Group A World Cup: Brazil, Mexico, Croatia, Cameroon.

Group A NCDA: Grand Valley State, Ohio State, Western Kentucky, BGSU

Group B World Cup:  Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Chile

Group B NCDA: Saginaw Valley State, Central Michigan, Kentucky, Penn State

Group C World Cup: Colombia, Ivory Coast, Japan, Greence

Group C NCDA: UWP, WKU, DePaul, VCU

Group D World Cup: Italy, England, Costa Rica, Uruguay (the toughest group to compare in my mind)

Group D NCDA: Central Michigan (overlap), WKU, Towson, Ohio State (overlap)

Group E World Cup: France, Switzerland, Ecuador, Honduras

Group E NCDA: Michigan State (overlap), UWP (overlap), Siena Heights, Miami

Group F World Cup: Argentina, Boznia-Herzegovenia, Iran, Nigeria

Group F NCDA: Saginaw Valley State (overlap), Kent State (overlap), DU, UNL

Group G World Cup: Germany, Portugal, United States, Ghana

Group G NCDA: , James Madison, Kent State, Central Michigan (overlap), Maryland

Group H World Cup: Belgium, Russia, South Korea, Algeria

Group H NCDA: Michgian State (overlap), Central Michigan or UMD (both overlaps, not sure who would better represent Russia though), St. Ambrose, UNT or NSULA


Obviously these aren’t the most educated of guesses, but that’s the best I could come up with. If anyone else has any other ideas this is pretty challenging and fun to think through.

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