Clifton Heights Classic Recap

The NCDA saw some more inter-region action Sunday, with Miami and WMU making their first appearances of the season. Here is our full recap of everything you need to know from the Clifton Heights Classic.

Ohio State

OSU 4-2 Miami

OSU 3-2 UC

OSU 5-1 UC B

Ohio State finished the day going 3-0 and improving their season record to 6-0. Their first game was against the Redhawks of Miami, and OSU showed signs of dominance early en route to a 4-2 W. They did slip at times however, showing areas of their game that will need to be cleaned up. The load was well spread amongst the Buckeyes this game, with key contributions coming from 2nd year Alden Prohaska and veteran Derrek Kemper. The next game was undoubtedly the biggest of the tournament against UC. Elijah Thomas showed off his survivability and clutch gene late in the first half to keep it a 1-1 ball game. OSU would then take the first two points of half number 2, cruising to a 3-2 victory. The last match against UC B was important for OSU’s developing players and really showed how deep OSU is en route to a 5-1 victory. Jakob Puritz showed off his combination of catching & throwing skills, and he compliments the roster nicely as a solid lefty arm.


UC 5-0 Miami

UC 2-3 OSU

UC 4-0 NKU

Cincinnati opened their day with a dominant 5-0 victory over Miami. Despite playing the first 3 points down a man, UC did not waiver. The Bearcats took a 3-0 lead into the half. It looked like Miami was picking up momentum to start the second, but Robbie Mitchell and Ian Bartholomew stifled the Redhawk run. Cincinnati’s next match was a closely contested contest with in-state rival Ohio State. Matthew Rosinksi and Will Hyatt played very well, seemingly only getting out due to missed blocks, but the effort came up just short, as UC ran out of time to tie the game. UC closed the day with a win over NKU that was also important for the Bearcats’ depth to gain experience.


Miami 2-4 OSU

Miami 0-5 UC

Miami 3-2 WMU

Despite a 1-2 record, Miami was impressive in their 2023-2024 season debut. Their first two matches were against the #1 and #5 power-ranked teams in the country, and after being competitive with both teams, I think it is safe to say that their #15 rank is a little too low. The Redhawks concluded their day with a 3-2 win over WMU, showing that they can get it done in close games. The Redhawks relied heavily on veteran arms in Cole Ginocchio and Max Edling throughout the day, and southpaws Philip Hampton and Jay Patel also showed off strong throws. Despite this, if Miami wants to make a jump this season, they will need to develop some rookie talent.

Western Michigan


WMU 3-2 UC B

WMU 2-3 Miami

Western Michigan came into Cincinnati with just 12 people, and they met expectations with a 2-1 performance. Western soundly defeated NKU in the opening match before squaring off with UC B. Many people were shocked to see the Broncos down 2-0 at halftime, but WMU was able to successfully complete the comeback and win 3-2 in regulation. In their last match, WMU lost by a point to Miami. Veteran Ryan Allor held down the middle of the court for Western all day, and captain Matt Barnett also made his leadership presence known. Look for this team to improve as they will be at full strength at home on December 3 for the Dr. Peter Broe Classic.

Northern Kentucky


NKU 2-3 UC B

NKU 0-4 UC

Northern Kentucky finished the day going 0-3, with experience playing a large role in most of their games. For being brand new to the league, the Norse’s growth has already impressed most teams that they’ve seen. Will Strong and TJ Gilkey once again turned in solid performances despite the 0-3 record. If NKU can contiue to gain tournament experience, they should be Southern Dodgeball Cup favorites by the time Spring rolls around.

Cincinnati B

UC B 2-3 WMU

UC B 3-2 NKU

UC B 1-5 OSU

For not having a full roster, Cincinnati’s B team exceeded expectations on Sunday. They kept it close against a tenured program in WMU, before getting a victory against Northern Kentucky. Perhaps the most unexpected feat of the day though, was taking the first point of the match against Ohio State. Having a B team this good shows really how large the recruiting effort has been at UC, and it will certainly pay off down the line.

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