Director of League Expansion & Retention Vision for the 2016-2017 Season

ncda_logo-215x90First off, I would like to thank all of the teams that voted for me in the recent election. I truly appreciate your vote of confidence and will give my all to help this league grow. For those that did not, I hope I can show you why I was the right choice for this position.

Due to my implementation of the Ambassador Program, the Executive Board decided to appropriately rename my position to Chief Ambassador. Which in a nutshell means I am the head recruiter for the NCDA and in charge of our fabulous alumni.

Recruiting: I have already started to get the Ambassador Program rolling, which is a program that has allowed me to recruit respectable members of the league from a wide variety of programs all over the country to go to schools that are interested in starting dodgeball programs at their school. These “Ambassadors” know who they are and some have already received their assignments for the year and are getting to work. The main purpose of this program is that new “potential” schools need to see a face in front of them showing them how to get things started, teach them the rules of our league and how to actively compete without having to get blown out every time they play. For those that were lucky enough to join a program that was already well established, it takes a lot of work to get a new program started. Every school has their own unique set of hoops to jump through before you can even start practicing, which for some takes a year to achieve. This is a long process, but one that ensures longevity in our league, which we desperately need at this point in the NCDA’s short history.

Alumni Affairs: I am brand spanking new to the alumni group, however I am incredibly excited to get some of the greatest players I have ever competed against back into the NCDA scene. In my four year career there were not too many moments that pumped me up more for a game then when former CMU alumni showed up to support us. I want every team to be able to experience that at least once a season. Alumni presence at National’s has also been very weak, while most if not all of these individuals have very busy adult lives, my goal is to get enough alumni support that we do not have to use other teams captains to ref games. My aim is to get alumni more involved with their programs to help their respective squads grow, which in turn helps our league grow.

If you have any questions about my goals for the year, know of someone possibly interested in starting a new team, or are potentially interested in joining the Ambassador Program please do not be afraid to message me on Facebook or email me at I look forward to seeing many of you at different tournaments throughout this upcoming season!

Jacob Leski
NCDA Executive Board


Author: Jacob Leski

Former President of Central Michigan's Club Dodgeball team. 2x First Team All-American (2015, 2016). 2nd year as Director of League Expansion and Retention.

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