Chicago Dodgeball Open Preview

This Saturday, March 17, 2018 marks another battle in the Midway Conference with the top heavyweights: DePaul University (DePaul), University of Nebraska- Lincoln (UNL), and University of Wisconsin-Platteville (UWP). It is going to be a fun one and the league will be in for some good games.  Let’s take a look at the schedule.  The games will be played at the Ray Meyer Fitness Center ( 2235 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60614)

Time Team 1 Team 2 Referee
12:15p.m. DePaul UNL UWP
1:30p.m. UNL UWP DePaul
2:45p.m. DePaul UWP UNL


Ryan Atz

DePaul is proud to be hosting the annual Chicago Dodgeball Open (CDO) on St. Patty’s Day weekend this year. What better time is there to get smashed with alcohol AND dodgeballs? We look forward to hosting both University of Wisconsin-Plateville again, and are especially happy to see University of Nebraska-Lincoln being able to attend this year. The games between these three teams should be full of action, intensity, passion, and most importantly, dodging. I won’t make any predictions about the games because I believe that any three of the participating teams has the potential to win either of their matches. Platteville will be a tough opponent as ever for us, and I’m going to be expecting them to bring their A game like any other match, but I’m specifically interested in seeing how Nebraska performs. The most recent matches we’ve played against them have only been on their home turf, so it will be interesting to see how well they play when they’re in our domain. I have expectations for my own team, and I’ll be looking to see if my club members can perform up to them. I’m looking to make the Chicago Dodgeball Open an entertaining event for everyone who participates.

Erik Zander

This is going to be a fun weekend with some exciting matches. The UWP vs DePaul should be a back and forth match with dodgeballs constantly flying.  I don’t know what to make of this team as it has been a long time since we have played them and it is their home tournament (and who knows how much they will party the night before).  They should have their best team there which is full of good catchers and throwers.  I’m also excited to see what UNL is going to bring to this tournament.  Last time they played exceptional well agaisnt UWP at the Zanderthon Throw-Down.  It is going to be the fifth time that these two teams will have played each other this year and the Cornhuskers are only getting better. I know that UNL is looking forward to playing DePaul and putting a win up on them this time.  The last time they played they lost 3-2 and DePaul took the last point at the end of the match.

Fun Facts

  • It is confirmed, Captain Fluffy’s beard is the best in the league.
  • Going back to the Chicago Dodgeball Combine last March, in all games played between UWP and DePaul at least 7 points have been score in every match.
  • Zigmas changed the name of the tournament to the Chicago Dodgeball Open (CDO) instead of the DePaul University Invite (DUI) without telling DePaul (sometimes it is good to have a little power and push).
  • CDO is the third oldest tournament in the NCDA league, only behind the MDC and Nationals.
  • The last time UNL played at DePaul was at the CDO back in 2013.

Zig’s Match Analytics & Predictions

Gonzalez exchanges:
DePaul (38.599) v UNL (38.304) for 0.970 [or 1.030 as a #259/286 upset]
UWP (44.902) v UNL (37.333) for 0.243 [or 1.757 as a #7/286 upset]
UWP (45.145) v DePaul (39.569) for 0.442 [or 1.558 as a #25/286 upset]

UWP’s max rating in history is 45.737, which they last held during bracket play of Nationals 2015 after defeating Kent 2-1 but before losing to GV in a minimum value match. They ended the 2015 Season as 45.717 (reverted to 44.683 upon start of the 2016 Season).

Erik Zander- UNL 3-2 DePaul, UWP 4-0 UNL, UWP 6-1 DePaul

Felix Perrone- DePaul 4-1 UNL, UWP 5-0 UNL, UWP 3-2 DePaul

Kevin Bailey– DePaul 4-3 UNL (OT), UWP 4-1 UNL, UWP 5-2 DePaul

Colby Briceland- DePaul 4-2 UNL, UWP 5-0 UNL, UWP 5-2 DePaul

Jacob Leski- UNL defeats DePaul

Do you have any predictions for tomorrows games?  Let us know and comment below.  We will try to live stream the games tomorrow through the NCDA page or the Dodgeball UWP page.



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