Chicago Dodgeball Combine

Well, it is the only tournament this weekend and once again it is between two heavy weights DePaul and Platteville. They are playing each other for the 7th time this year, which I believe is the most between any two teams in the league.  Both teams will be playing in the Chicago Dodgeball Combine.  It will be a double header with the first game starting at around 12:30p.m.  Let’s take a look at the teams.  

Platteville-(10 players)

We may have a squad of 10, but it is a tough bunch of guys and with President Nick Harding at the helm leading we will put a game together for DePaul.  For Platteville to play well tomorrow it will need these players to step up. Jordan Gillette, David Ruegsegger, and Nick Harding. Jordan Gillette has improved a lot from last year in his catching and throwing abilities and he needs to play well with his teammates to have a shot at taking it to DePaul.  David Ruegsegger has also improved a lot this year and I’m glad he is on our team. He blocks well and knows how to time a team throw. I’m hoping to see him haul in more catches tomorrow as it will be needed to keep pace with DePaul.  Nick Harding will need to bring his arm tomorrow and has his chance to solidify his position as top dog when it comes to getting kills, but he will be competing against me so good luck Nick.  His advantage is that his beard gives him the power that allows him to snip people from the back line and catch everything in his path.  It is kind of how Captain Fluffy of DePaul uses the power of his beard (Alec Scott). As long as these individuals come to play it will make this a tough match up for DePaul. If Platteville can play as unit and play with team work they will bring together an excellent match.

DePaul- (15 players plus)

This can easily be a good day for DePaul to pick up their second win ever against Platteville.  They have a full squad that shouldn’t get tired which will give them the advantage over Platteville. DePaul has come a long way in a year and I can’t wait to see what they will do at the War tournament in a few weeks.  As a crew they have been working well together, are afraid of no one, and just know how to have fun. After talking to Tyler Hamilton of DePaul, these are the players that he wants to step up tomorrow and feels will be key in helping them get a win over Platteville.   Players: Jon Blanton, #99; Ryan Campbell, #15; Jelani Nobel (mystery number). For Tyler he feels that these individuals are close to being the players that he knows that they can be and become true assets for this squad. It is key for DePaul to come to play and should have no problem taking care of business against Platteville.

Final thoughts

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and it should be a fun day of matches.  I feel this is DePaul’s game to lose.  They have the numbers and energy to out pace Platteville. The score for the first game I think will be close at 3-2 with a DePaul victory. In the second match I feel DePaul’s numbers will get the best of Platteville and will win 4-2.  Who do you think will win? Let us know down below.



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