BOTM: 2018 October

October’s Baller of the Month: Jordan Watt of Towson University

Towson University has burst onto the scene this fall, with an impressive 9-0 record to start the year.  This is in large part thanks to October’s Baller of the Month: Jordan Watt.  Watt has made himself a household name in the NCDA over the past few years, as his extremely strong arm has become a key part of Towson’s offense.  As we wrap up the month of October, I had the chance to chat with Towson’s star player:


Kevin Bailey: Jordan, congrats on winning Baller of the Month.  You have been a huge reason why Towson has had such a successful start to the season. Take us through the first couple months of the year. What went into this team having so much success in September and October?


Jordan Watt: First, thanks for selecting me for Baller of the Month it feels great! As far as Towson’s success so far, I really think it comes from playing so well as a team. Everyone knows their job on the team and we have been getting it done. We come to practice work hard and prepare for each tournament. Keeping the pressure on teams is also a big part of our success, we are not settling for a one-point lead we just keep pushing for more. I’m hoping we can continue this run into the upcoming month and especially next semester into Nationals.


KB: What got you into dodgeball at Towson? Do you have an interesting story of how you ended up joining the dodgeball team at your school?


JW: Honestly, I was just hanging out in my buddy’s apartment and one of his roommates said ‘I’m going to dodgeball’ and I was like ‘they have dodgeball, I’m coming with you’. I figured I could throw so it could be a lot of fun.


KB: You are known throughout the NCDA as one of the most dangerous throwers in the league. Besides your strong arm, what is another aspect of your game that you consider a strength?


JW: My catching has definitely improved from last season, but being able to push teams back to their back line is a big plus because it allows myself and others on the team to get bounce backs and ball control. When Towson has all or most of the balls we are in a very good spot because of all the arms we have.


KB: As I’m sure you’re aware, Towson has a history of coming up short at Nationals.  In fact, your school has never made a Final Four.  What makes this team different?  And what are the expectations for the team this season?


JW: I can’t pinpoint what makes this team different, but we are playing with a lot of confidence. We have our catchers and throwers and blockers and everyone is doing their part so far this season. As far as Nationals is concerned my expectations are very high. I’m saying at least final four, but I’m always expecting to come home with the Title.


KB: Favorite dodgeball moment (on or off the court)?


JW: Off the court, getting together with the team for a cookout or going to the bars is always a good time. On the court, I’ll say taking Grand Valley to OT last semester. I know we didn’t come away with a win, but it gave me the confidence that we can beat the number 1 team.


KB: Felix Perrone asks: If money didn’t matter, and you could do anything for a living, what would it be?


JW: If money didn’t matter I would buy a big plot of land to farm. I’m a big outdoorsman, so planting food plots for deer is something I would like to do.


KB: Colin O’Brien asks: Player you would want to headshot most?


JW: I’m not going to comment on who I want to headshot, but they will know if balls start flying high.


KB: Zane Durbin asks: Do you use any beard products?


JW: This is an all-natural beard, but you have to brush it.


KB: Zane Durbin also asks: What does your pre-tournament routine consist of?


JW: I try to give my arm as much rest before a tournament as possible but during game days I just stretch it as much as possible, pop some Advil and then slowly throw harder and harder until i feel ready. Once my arm feels good I will usually start throwing and certain guys on the team to warm them up and get there catching ready.


KB: Colby Briceland asks: If you could play for any other school who would it be?


JW: I’m playing for the team I want to be on. I would never disrespect them and say I would play for another school. Towson all day!


KB: Is this your last season in the NCDA? If so, what are your plans post-graduation?


JW: Yes, this is my last season. I was supposed to win the mega millions last night, but that didn’t work out so it’s back to the original plan of getting a job in my field (Environmental Science). I would like to get a job working in the field/outdoors because sitting behind a desk is not for me.


KB: Congratulations again on winning Baller of the Month. Any final thoughts? Bold predictions for the rest of the season?


JW: Thanks for choosing me it’s a great feeling. For the rest of the season all I can say is its going to be a lot of fun. Towson is coming for the top!


Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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