BOTM: 2012 October

The man with the howitzer arm, Wes Hopkins, is the Baller of the Month for the month of October. He got clocked in at over 80 mph at Nationals in April and was named to the All-NCDA team. His talent and growth as a player has helped turned Kentucky into a National title threat. He’s one of the most feared players in the league, and is one of the best players in Kentucky history.

Q: If you could play any team, who would it be?
A: I have always enjoyed playing Kent State, WKU, and JMU

Q: Outside of your arm, what other strengths do you have that people should be aware of?
A: Aside from throwing, I am the best victim of team throws, I seem to have a natural ability to get thrown at when the other team has all the balls.

Q: What’s your favorite player to throw out?
A: The ones who either try to catch me, act unintimidated, or simply call me out and ask for it.

Q: Predictions for how you will do, and for how UK Dodgeball will do this season?
A: I predict more than one National Title coming to the Bluegrass this year!

Author: hiller87

Former Captain of the MSU Club Dodgeball Team, former NCDA Chief of Content.

26 thoughts on “BOTM: 2012 October”

  1. We love you Wes!!!! I hope Franklin turns out to be just like you! You know…he’s starting out a lot like you did…lol…
    Keep up the good work!


  2. Wes, you are not only an awesome athlete, but an awesome person on and off the court! Congratulations on having your athletic talents recognized on a national level!

  3. Congratulations Wes! We can now tell friends we know a star. Praying for your continued success and safety.

  4. CONGRADULATIONS!!! We are so proud of you! Hope your engineering studies are going as well as your dodge ball game!

  5. Everyone does know he has a very accomplished, good looking, charismatic brother… Right? On a serious note, hats off to the best dodgeball player in the country and a true UK Legend, very well deserved. Kid throws heat.

  6. Congratulations Wes!! Keep that howitzer arm smokin’!! We love you and wish you the best!

  7. I would like to think we the physical education department at North Laurel High School played a small roll in your dodgeball success. Do you remember the 5 basic rules of dodgeball? You had it on your final exam. If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball. Best of luck to you and your team. Coach McWhorter

  8. I am glad to see you are using your arm for something. I still don’t understand how you can throw a dodge ball so hard but you threw a baseball like a fourth grade girl! You are the man and congratulations, keep up the good work. Coach Stewart

  9. I am so proud of you! You will always be my sweet, third grader!!! Best of luck to you and your team!
    God Bless and Much love,
    Mrs. McWhorter

  10. Wes, we are so proud of you but we knew you would be a success in all you attempt. As a child you were always considerate of others and did the Right Things. We love you and God continue to guide and keep you.

  11. Wes, as a teacher from your ole high school, I am just proud of your success for you and your family. Go Big Blue……Go Big Wes!!! Congratulations!!!!

  12. Extraordinary achievement Wes – very well done (although I have no idea what dodgeball is; I am presumimng it is similar to cricket or Eton Fives – correct?)
    Tinkity Tonk from your Irish/Scottish Family

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