Ballot Results for the 2019 Season

RICHMOND – Office of the Director of Nationals.


Below are the results of the preferential election for the 2018/2019 NCDA Rulebook and select Policies. The Rulebook is scheduled to be released prior to the start of the 2019 Season. Extra special thanks to the 33 Member Teams that submitted ballots. Overall there were 37 Member Teams with voting rights.

2019 Executive Board elections will occur at the end of June, Candidate Campaign Paragraphs due 2018-06-25 with a ballot release 2018-06-26.

Nationals 2019 Selection

Special thanks to Penn State University, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for their time and effort in putting together bids to host Nationals 2019.  Here were the final results for Nationals 2019 selection:

School 1st Pref 2nd Pref 3rd Pref
UWP 12 8 9
PSU 21 4 8
UNL 0 17 12

Rule Proposals

R.1) False Start Warning – Should teams be given 1 warning per match for false starts?
Yes, teams should be allowed one warning for false starts per match. [NEW]

R.2) Static Player Game Start- Should players be required to be stationary before the start of a match?
Yes, players must be stationary before the start of the match. [NEW]

R.3) Shot Clock Mechanics – Should the officials who are counting the shot clock be required to have a timepiece and a megaphone?
No, shot clock officials shall use a timepiece that displays seconds and count using their own voices and proper signalling. [Current]

R.4) Attack Line Distance – Should the throw line be moved to 27 feet?
No, the Attack line should stay at 30 feet from the baseline. [Current]

R.5) Minimum 5 Ball Supply – Should every team attending a tournament be required to bring at least 5 balls to each event?
Yes, every team should be required to bring at least 5 balls to a tournament. If they do not, their team receives a yellow card at the start of every match which causes their captain to sit the first point. [NEW]

R.6) Second Half Running Clock – Should there be a mandatory running clock if a game is ever being won by 4 or more points?
Yes, as soon as a team is winning by 4 or more points in the Second Half, the game clock will continue running and not stop for breaks in play. [NEW]

R.7) Change Rosters Between Multiple Day Tournaments – Should teams be allowed to change who is playing on their rosters between days of a multiple day tournament?
Yes, teams may play with different players on the second day of a tournament than they had on the first day [NEW]
[Exception: Nationals will maintain one roster across all days.]

R.8) Team Throw Ball Collision – Should balls that were thrown by the same team remain live if they collide mid air before they hit a target?
Yes, balls are still live if they hit other live balls thrown by a teammate. [NEW]

R.9) Yellow/Red Card Function – Should teams be required to remove a live player from the game if a jailed player receives a red or yellow card?
No, the yellow/red card can only affect the player that it is issued to. [Current]

Policy Proposals

P.1) Eligibility Limit Per Team- Should there be a six (6) year eligibility limit for players to play on any given team?
Yes, players should be limited to playing a maximum of 6 years with a specific team. [NEW]

P.2) Ballot Release Timing – Should the ballot for voting on new rule changes be required to be released no later than 4 weeks from the end of nationals?
Yes, the executive board must release the ballot for voting on new rule changes within 4 weeks of nationals. [NEW]
[Note: We had a trial run of this for this ballot, missing the defined period by ~one week. This is a good policy and will be the norm going forward. -zm]

P.3) Penalty Card Continuation – Should issued Yellow or Red cards received at the end of a match be carried over to the next match that the player participates in?
Yes, if a player receives a yellow/red card at the end of a match it will be enforced in the first point of the next match the participate in. [NEW]

P.4) Senior Eligibility during the later half of the Season – Should students who graduate the semester before nationals be able to participate in nationals the next semester?
No, only current students may participate. [NEW]

P.5) [See Survey Results]

P.6) Member Team Voting Rights – Should teams be required to pay dues in order to have voting rights for the NCDA?
Yes, in order for a Member Team to vote on League matters (i.e. rule proposals or Executive Board elections), the Member Team must pay the Membership Fee. New Member Teams that are exempted from the Fee may not vote unless they pay the Fee. [NEW]
Exception: This Policy will be in effect after the 2019 Board Elections. All 37 teams are eligible to vote.

P.7) Forfeit Procedure – Should a forfeit win over a ghost team be given to a team that does not get to play 3 games at a tournament because another member team had to back out of the tournament for a valid reason (weather, accident, etc)?
Yes, the team that did not get to play 3 games should be given a forfeit win against a ghost team. [NEW]

Survey Results

P.5) Inactive Member Team Ranking Adjustment- Should an inactive team ranking be adjusted 25% towards league average per year of inactivity?
Yes, for each year that a team is inactive, their ranking is adjusted towards 25% of the league average. [NEW]
[Note: The Executive Board oversees matters of ranking teams, and results are strongly considered in any needed revisions of the system.]

Team Turnover: How many members of your team played in NCDA matches throughout the 2017-2018 Season?
19.281 players on average, 20 players at median

Team Turnover: How many played their last matches prior to Summer 2018?
3.625 on average, 3 players at median

Election Details

33 Member Teams submitted a ballot of 37 eligible. Quorum of 19 reached, election is valid. Majority target is 17 if no abstentions on a proposal. Super majority target is 21.

All options obtained a simple majority in the initial count, no run through our preferential election program was needed. There were no ties for the Executive Board to vote as the tiebreaker.

The Executive Board has waived any veto rights, so there will be no recall election on any proposals.

Ballot totals were confirmed by the Director of Nationals, per policy.

Full spreadsheet results found via the magical technology of google.

The results of this preferential election will become valid 2018-08-01. Any necessary written documentation (published policies, Bylaws, or Rulebook) will be published prior to the start of the 2019 Season.

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