East Coast Mid-Season Recap

So far this year, we’ve learned a lot about some teams on the East Coast. For others, we’re not quite sure where they stand. Without much out-of-region play for the East, it’s hard to see how they stack up against the league as a whole. Although I won’t talk much about the upcoming second half of the season, I believe that each of these teams will come out with something to prove and some incentive to travel.

To clarify, the notable game is just my personal opinion of the most meaningful game that each team had this semester. It’s not impacted in any way by how any team feels about each game, just how I was feeling when I wrote this article. It could’ve been a score that stood out, a close game, or a win over a strong opponent. I’m also willing to admit that I’m biased towards out-of-region games because I think they prepare teams better for the long run as the season goes on. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s continue. Continue reading “East Coast Mid-Season Recap”

East Coast Season Opener Recap

This past Sunday, four of the East Coast’s finest met in Towson to square off against each other. The result? An exciting start to the 2018-2019 season. So without further introduction, here’s a recap of how each team fared over the opening weekend.

Final Scores:

JMU def UMD 5-1
Towson def UVA 6-0
Towson def JMU 6-1
UVA def UMD 3-2
JMU def UVA 6-2
Towson def UMD 2-1


Weekend Record: 3-0

If you asked anybody at the tournament, Towson was the most impressive team there. They came in prepared, organized, and confident, which showed over the course of their three games. They started the day out with a 6-0 victory over UVA, which would essentially serve as a warm-up game for both teams. The Towson squad over-matched UVA from the first point on while overpowering and out-witting their opponent. Their next game was against JMU, which looked to be the matchup of the day. It was a back and forth affair to start where each team scored a point and it remained that way until halftime. After that, the Tigers took off and ended with a 6-1 victory over the Dukes. David Guare and Jordan Watt looked the part of First-Team All-Americans and absolutely dominated this game. Towson ended their day with a decisive 2-1 victory over Maryland to finish the day unbeaten. Towson looked like the best team at this tournament, played like the best team at this tournament, and will look to carry that momentum into next weekend’s tournament at Penn State.

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