The 2014 Chicago Dodgeball Open

We all know what time of the year it is. It’s time to go back to school and get back in the books. More importantly, it’s time to get rid of that Holiday season fat and get ready for the second half of the season. There’s still three months of quality dodgeball to be played before everyone heads to Ohio State for Nationals. A week in to the semester and we already have one of the league’s classic tournaments going down this Sunday, the Chicago Dodgeball Open.
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The NCDA at the NDL’s World Dodgeball Championship: Part 2

In the second part of our coverage of the NDL’s World Dodgeball Championship from last month, I sat down with former CMU dodgeballer and NCDA alum Mike McCarthy. Mike was one of the six dodgeballers that comprised an all-star team of current and formers players. He recounted his experience from that weekend and explained what it was like to play NDL dodgeball. Continue reading “The NCDA at the NDL’s World Dodgeball Championship: Part 2”

2013-2014 Season Preview: Saginaw Valley State University

Many people know him as the former head captain of Saginaw Valley. If you frequent the forums, you know him as one of the NCDA’s Gods. Those close to him simply just call him Spencer. His playing days may be over at this point, but Spencer Jardine’s role with SVSU is vastly undiminished. We sat down to discuss the past and future of SVSU Dodgeball and the league as a whole. He also reassured me that there are no hard feelings about DePaul’s default win over SVSU at Nationals 2013. Trust me, if you didn’t know about this man’s passion for his team and the sport before….you will. Continue reading “2013-2014 Season Preview: Saginaw Valley State University”

2013-2014 Season Preview: Michigan State University

Few teams around the league can say that they are as excited to kickoff the 2013 season as Michigan State. They ended last season at Nationals’ as the runner-up to 5x NCDA Champion Grand Valley State University. While last season was widely considered to be their most successful season, captain Mike Van Ermen put everyone on notice that second place just isn’t good enough anymore. From here on out, it’s “championship or bust.” Continue reading “2013-2014 Season Preview: Michigan State University”

The NCDA at the NDL’s World Dodgeball Championship

Last month, we had six current and former NCDA players join together to form a team to participate at the NDL’s World Dodgeball Championship in Las Vegas. Western Kentucky’s Felix Perrone helped spearhead the formation of the team by inviting players from his own school and from other schools around the league. He was joined by Evan Bemus (WKU), Brett Rice (WKU), Camden Fullmer (Kent St.), Dan Shackelford (Kent St.), and Mike McCarthy (CMU). Felix recounted his experience in Vegas, as well as broke down the different rules that the NDL plays by, in an excerpt he titled “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.” Continue reading “The NCDA at the NDL’s World Dodgeball Championship”

2013-2014 Season Preview: Moody Bible Institute Archers

The entire league knows about the DePaul teams that come out of Chicago. However, people need not forget that there is another NCDA team in Chicago. The Moody Bible Institute Archers were founded and played their first NCDA match in the 2010-2011 season. Under the leadership of alumnus Chad Schlundt and Jake Ochoa, the Archers became one of the more competitive teams coming out of the Illinois region on a yearly basis. Last year, Moody was one of the few active NCDA teams to miss Nationals. However, they were allowed to have some of their players comprise the “miscellaneous team” along with other teams that missed. This year captain Jake Ochoa and the Moody Archers have no intentions of missing Nationals, or any other chances to be on the court. Continue reading “2013-2014 Season Preview: Moody Bible Institute Archers”

2013-2014 Season Preview: DePaul Dodgeball Society

The DePaul Dodgeball Society is one of the eldest teams in the NCDA. Since being founded in 2000, their campaign has always been to show the league why they’re “undefeated.” Finishing with an overall record of 3-8-0 (#12 in the standings) last season, DePaul will look to build on that with more victories this season while maintaining the essence of what makes this team unique. I sat down with a former teammate and current DePaul co-captain to discuss the upcoming season and have a few laughs about the club. Continue reading “2013-2014 Season Preview: DePaul Dodgeball Society”