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  1. I feel like this podcast discredits Maryland and VCU a bit.

    VCU– getting much better. From a year ago when we would take them in a 11-0 game, and they are now finding out strategy and finding a little more talent to add to their roster to take points away from teams.

    Maryland– A lot of new faces on their roster. For a team with so many new faces they just need to find their identity and they will get much better. ‘Busch League’ isn’t quite accurate to their style of play, they are another team who has yet to expand their playing experience and through playing unfamiliar teams they will get better.

    This podcast is going to start a lot of fire, can’t wait to see what they bring to the table at Pumpkin Smash.

  2. I will thoroughly enjoy that if it happens. VCU has improved strategy wise but I didn’t see much improvement talent wise. UMD had improved in both talent and strategy, their strategy just annoys the hell out of me because I think it’s a boring style of play.

  3. I just want to thank you for giving me my first mention in the podcast! hopefully I will make you guys do it more ;)

  4. I’ve got 2 things:
    1. To all captains who read this I have been mentioning Joey Cardellas name since last season at nationals. He IS a top 5 catcher in this league. You throw anything straight at him and its a catch every time, and he catches with absolutey no fear. In a year or so he could become the best catcher in the league.
    2. Sean Smiths opinions on the east coast tourny are his opinions and don’t reflect the opinions of Towson University dodgeball as a whole. While Sean is a respected member and content writer of the ncda it is important to remember that no matter who is on AJP that they dont ever speak for a team as a whole, but rather are putting there own opinions in the mix. Keep in mind that every person is entitled to there own opinion when asked a question. And an opinion no matter how much it is criticized can never be wrong.

  5. I’ll second Jon’s statement. I don’t consult my team on what I should or shouldn’t say before I come in here. While I’m on here I am taking the role of a journalist more than I am Towson player. My work here is meant to be, and I do my best to make it as separate as possible from my team as I can. Even some of my own teammates are upset with what I said but I refuse yo retract any statements based on their opinions or anyone else’s. If I do that I fully believe I would undermine the integrity of my own work. If anyone thinks I consult my team before I say the things I say or write the things I write, I never have and I never will unless it has something to do with Towson and only Towson

  6. Sean, I seem to remember Towson playing stall ball at the end of last semester at our tournament. We started the first half short-handed, so you picked up a 2-0 lead. We were coming back in the second half and you guys ‘threw’ one ball at a time just to run the clock out. Regardless, that is not our style of play. We throw 1-2 balls at a time to maintain ball control. Also, please do not insult my team by saying we should have gone home because your teams best thrower got 5 of our players out. That’s what Tobin is there for, to get people out. It’s not an insult to our team, it’s a compliment to his throwing ability.

    P.S. – Our team never once targeted you during our match, so don’t lie.

  7. Just cuz my team does it doesn’t mean I like it. And some of your guys were when i actually started throwing

    1. lol, Our refs will be on our A game and your match up will be under a microscope. The winner of the game will not be decided by a bad call

  8. I think the whole thing about the dark horse concept idea is this: the League still believes, possibly subconsciously, that the favorite will always originate from the Michigan region.
    Even if there are some talented teams that have risen in recent years the idea still prevails. I don’t necessarily believe that this is anyone’s inherent fault, and more a legacy of old captains and observers who put the idea in the last generation’s head, even after they’ve gone and greater pairity has been achieved.

  9. If anyone has a problem with Smiths commenting or the content he produces write some of YOUR OWN. There isn’t a limit on here who can post or call into the podcast. If you have an opinion take the time out of your life like Smith and Sam do and do it yourself. All they did was do a Google Hangout show between 2 guys. You can do it too.

  10. A little late to the party, but I would lobby for an incomplete grade for MSU as well. Out of the 17 people who were able to make it, 10 of them were rookies with only about 4 or 5 practices under their belt.

    Don’t get me wrong, we still stunk up the joint. But if I were a betting man I’d say that we’ll be able to rebound.

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