3 thoughts on “AJP #27”

  1. It’s time to change the 9volt in your smoke detector… It’s a safety issue at this point.

  2. Hey I’m from the Kent team, I agree with you that the standings are pretty wacky I would like to see a change. However the system that you seem to be wanting in place with strength of schedule, I feel could slow the growth of the league. If quality of opponent were to matter, then I feel the bigger teams would also have less incentive to go to small tournaments and be ambassadors for the league to new schools. For example, if there are two tournaments back to back weekends for god knows why, and one has power house teams, and the other is mostly new schools. equal distance from you, I feel most bigger teams would travel to the big tournament on the standing system alone. It could segregate the league, I personally don’t feel it has grown enough for a big change like that. I think it is a great system, but not for the NCDA yet. just my 2 cents.

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